April 5, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine to give we read-a-holic bloggers some real estate to devote to books we're pining away for.

Yeah, yeah - I know. It's Thursday. *sigh* This week has been insanely difficult and stressful, and honestly, in the evenings, I've only felt like losing myself in good books. I'm sure you can appreciate that. So, the bad news is, my Waiting on Wednesday post is a day late, as is my March Book Report. But, the good news is that I'll be reviewing some great books in the next few days!

So, back to business. This week's Waiting on Wednesday post is about:

By:  Cassandra Clare
Due out:  May 8, 2012

This week, Cassandra Clare has teased and tempted us with the first chapter on her Website for the series, http://www.mortalinstruments.com/chapterone-souls.php. It doesn't disappoint. We are recapped on what has happened in the few weeks since the final scene in The City of Fallen Angels. Simon was kicked out of his house, Jace and Sebastian are missing and the Clave, which had been searching for them, has decided to stop looking. Clary, Isabelle and Alec are determined to not give up, so they start trying to figure out how to continue the search under the Clave's radar.

I must confess, I wasn't too thrilled with The City of Fallen Angels. I sincerely hope that Clare took the time between books to regroup - I want the final books in the series to finish it off with a bang. No matter whether it's an out-of-the-park homerun or not, I'll eagerly wait on these last two books to find out what happens with my beloved Jace and Clary. They better get a happily-ever-after, or I will be very grumpy.

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