April 9, 2012

Book #40 - Silence (Hush Hush #3)

Silence (Hush Hush #3), Becca Fitzpatrick
405 pages
paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Started 4/1/12
Finished 4/3/12

Can I take a moment to comment on the serious shelf candy that is the Hush Hush series? I was intrigued before I ever cracked the spine. The black and white and teensy bit of red is simple, yet impactful. I love the cover of Silence the best. Patch looks so majestic, strong and protective with his wings outstretched. I'm told the cover design for the final book, Finale, will be released sometime in June. I can't wait to see what Becca Fitzpatrick comes up with next!

So... Silence. It was really wonderful. It picks up a few months after the point where Crescendo ended. Nora wakes up in a cemetery and thinks it's April, when, in fact, it is September. All her memories of what happened to her are gone. Worse yet, all her memories of Patch are also gone. Her mom is dating the devil incarnate. Her BFF is acting really weird around guys. The reader does eventually find out what happened to Nora and we do see her ever so slowly (painfully slowly, at times!) get her memories back. But, in the meantime, she meets and gets to fall in love with Patch all over again. Who could be so lucky? To meet your soul mate and fall in love TWICE!

The ending left me feeling pretty satisfied, yet yearning for more. It wasn't a big cliffhanger, but there is most definitely the promise of more to come. Unfortunately, we have to wait awhile for that promise to be fulfilled. Book #4 isn't due out until late October. If any of the first three books are an indication, the fourth and final installment in this series won't disappoint.

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