April 12, 2012

Book #41 - Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood #2)

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood #2), J. R. Ward
441 pages
paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Started 4/3/12
Finished 4/4/12

That's it. It's official. I am now one of the weeping masses of women who swoon at the feet of the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I must admit that when I started reading Dark Lover (see my review), the first BDB book, I thought their names were a little weird, and there were some new vampire rules here that I wasn't familiar with. But, J. R. Ward's writing and these amazing characters she has created have completely sucked me in.

Lover Eternal is Rhage's story. Hollywood. The "pretty" one that gets... beastly, shall we say.. when he gets mad. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry (I'm such a dork). He's gorgeous and charismatic and has no emotions or love for anyone. Until Mary. Mary, Mary is quite contrary (I've got a million of 'em) to everything Rhage has ever known. She's human, for one. Her days of battling cancer have left her hardened and suspicious. They really need each other, and their love eventually saves each other from their fates.

Let's face it. Guys like this just don't exist. And, I don't mean vampires. I mean, strong, manly, confident, badasses who turn to puddles of mush around the women they love. I think that's why I love reading about them so much. The BDB books truly are great fantasy.   

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