April 2, 2012

Book #38 - Hallowed (Unearthly #2)

Hallowed (Unearthly #2), Cynthia Hand
403 pages
urban fantasy
Started 3/27/12
Finished 3/30/12

Because I'm a sucker for reading all the books in a series - in order, of course - I felt this unnatural urge compelling me to get this book from the library. I must confess, I wasn't crazy about Unearthly. It wasn't bad, but I have a whole stack of books waiting to be read that I just know are going to be good. Great, even. I'd like to think I don't have time for "not bad." But, as I mentioned earlier - I have "seriestotia."

I will say, I found Hallowed to be better than Unearthly. It seems the author found her groove with the second book. It flowed better, it was more interesting, and I found myself caring about the characters a lot more than I did in the first book. In fact, for the first time, I don't really care which guy our heroine ends up with (because, you know, there ALWAYS has to be a love triangle). I love them both, so I'll be happy either way it pans out for her.

My biggest gripe about Hallowed is that it is ridiculously depressing. Clara is trying to figure out what her relationship with Christian means and where her relationship with Tucker can feasibly go. She loves Tucker, and I think she also loves Christian. So, of course, she's torn up inside at her constant turmoil. To make matters worse, Clara finds out that her mother has weeks left to live. I know - bummer, right? On top of that, the nasty Black Wing that tried to kill her and her mom in the first book is back and is constantly threatening Clara's life and sanity. Sure, it's all really good drama, but holy crap. Didn't Hand ever hear of comic relief?

Because of my severe case of seriestotia, I will read the third book of the series, but thankfully, I have awhile to wait until it comes out. It will probably take that long until this dark cloud lifts.

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