AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Primal Law (Alpha Pack #1)

Primal Law (Alpha Pack #1), by J.D. Tyler
Published August 2, 2011
Publisher: NAL
Format: audiobook, gifted
Genre: adult paranormal romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads) Founded by a group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers tasked with eliminating the most dangerous predators in the world. But the gift of their abilities comes at a price…

After a massacre decimates half his team and leaves him crippled, Jaxon Law must relearn how to fight—and battle the anger and guilt threatening to overwhelm him. But when he rescues a beautiful woman who reawakens his primal instincts, Jax is unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead.

On the run from her employer, brilliant lab assistant Kira Locke has evidence that leads the Alpha Pack on a hunt for someone targeting human civilians with Psy abilities. And as Jax and Kira circle both the killer and each other, Jax will have to decide if the deep connection he feels with Kira is worth breaking the ultimate shifter rule—because bonding with Kira means putting his abilities at risk, and they might be the only tools he has to keep his mate alive…

OMG, it's been way too long since I've read a good, classic-style paranormal romance. I've had the audio version of Primal Law on my iPod for months now, and after I finished the book prior to it, and was scrolling through my choices, this book really stood out. All of a sudden, I absolutely HAD to listen to it. Decision made. 

In Primal Law, we are introduced to the Alpha Pack, a group of shifters that used to be Navy SEALS. Each member of the team has an extra special ability outside of the fact that they can shift into wolves. These abilities come in handy when on missions - or when trying to save a damsel in distress, as Jaxon Law does in Las Vegas one night. He is inexplicably drawn to the woman he saves - Kira. In between trying to get a handle on these new feelings for her, he and his team are compelled to learn more about Kira's former employer and the nasty human experiments they are conducting. 

This book was exactly what I needed. Who doesn't love a good book about a bunch of hunky shifters, right? The Alpha Pack was the best part about Primal Law, hands down. I was thrilled when I thought it was just five or six guys who can change into massive wolves. But, J.D. Tyler surprised me by adding extra powers on top of that. Like, one of the guys can call up fire with his hands. Another can see glimpses of the future. And Jaxon can even rewind time. I loved this unique twist on your run-of-the-mill werewolves. 

Did I mention that the shifters aren't the only supernatural creatures in this world? Oh no. There are lots them in Primal Law, and I love that even the characters in the story don't know all about them or what all is out there in the world. It's like, they are discovering these races along with the reader, so that was pretty cool. We became most familiar with a fae prince, a gremlin and a sorcerer. And, the way that they were all introduced to the storyline was creative and fit in with the rest of the story. 

Kira was the token human in the story. She's ballsy and smart and pretty much fearless. She has a very tender heart too, which causes Jax a lot of stress since she's always putting herself in danger to help someone else. I also liked that Kira questioned everything and didn't accept it at face value just because someone told her to. 

Jax is the extra broody member of the Alpha Pack. He has a lot on his conscience. A mission gone bad weighs on him still, six months after the fact. He feels like it was his fault, and to make matters worse, he still sports an injury that sometimes hampers his ability to walk or run. But, when he meets Kira, everything changes. He fights it - I mean, he's a virile, independent man. He wasn't prepared to be shackled with a mate. But, once he gives in to it, he changes, at least toward Kira. One of my favorite parts of the books about shifters is their uber protective nature when it comes to their mates. It's SO swoon-worthy. Jax was no different. I loved how grumbly he got when other males got too touchy feely with Kira. I loved how he tried to keep her from charging into danger, and how on alert he was when he couldn't convince her to stay home. 

Jax's and Kira's relationship was sweet and sexy. I liked that Primal Law was a dual POV book, too. Jax's perspective on everything that went on between the two of them was interesting and enlightening. He and Kira were great together. 

I really liked the audio version. Kirsten Potter was a new narrator to me, and I thought she did a fantastic job. I'll definitely be checking out her other work. 

Speaking of, things were set up nicely to bring you into the second book in the series. I've already added it to my Audible wishlist. So, the next time I get a hankering for a good shifter book, I'll be ready.  

REVIEW: One Night Promised (One Night #1)

One Night Promised (One Night #1), by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Published July 17, 2014
Publisher: Forever Romance
Format: e-book, purchased
Genre: adult erotic romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 3 STARS

(From Goodreads) Livy notices him the moment he walks into the coffee shop. He's heart-stoppingly stunning, with a blue-eyed gaze so piercing she's almost too distracted to take his order. When he walks out the door, she thinks she'll never see him again. Then she finds the note he left on his napkin . . . signed M.

All he wants is one night to worship her. No feelings, no commitment, nothing but pleasure. Every defense mechanism Livy has adopted during her solitary life is at risk of being obliterated by this confounding man. He's obnoxious but well-mannered. He's a gentleman but aloof. He's passionate but emotionless. Yet the fascination is so powerful, Livy can't deny him... or herself.

M awakens something in Livy, something deep and addictive that she never knew existed -- and that she fears only he can satisfy. But she senses that behind the fast cars, fancy suits, and posh apartment, he's aching inside. To have him, body and soul, she'll have to brave his dark secrets. Delving into his world and breaking down his defenses become her obsession - an obsession that could shatter her heart beyond repair..

Where do I begin? One Night Promised is going to be a hard book for me to review. I had some serious problems with it - so many that I very nearly DNF'd it several times. But, I kept hearing that the last 15% made all the BS worth it, so I wanted to hold on until then. In the end, I was glad I did, because all those other reviewers were right. 

Livy has led a very sheltered life for the past seven years. She lives with her grandmother, has no real ambitions beyond learning to work the cappuccino machine at the coffee shop in which she works, and only hangs out with her mostly gay BFF. And then Miller happens. He walks into the coffee shop, insults her, and then completely turns her world upside down. But, both Livy and Miller have some pretty heavy secrets to work around, and by the time they figure them out, it could wreck them.

My first mistake was entering into this book thinking it would be a repeat of Jodi Ellen Malpas' This Man series, which I loved. I knew that One Night Promised also took place in England, also included an alpha male and also included secrets on his part, just like in the This Man series. Right away, however, I realized that having those preconceived notions gave me one strike before even cracking the spine. 

The differences between the This Man series and the One Night series were apparent right away. The first difference I noticed was in our female MC. Livy was no Ava - not by a mile. Livy was very nearly ridiculous. She has sheltered herself so severely over the past seven years of her life, that even completely benign and innocent altercations with anyone other than those she's familiar with cause her to react in over-the-top and unbelievable ways. For instance, at a waitress job early in the book, when she is handed a $50 tip from a rich guy, she's so opposed and uncomfortable with it, she throws it in the garbage. THROWS A $50 BILL IN THE FREAKING TRASH. Who does that?

Livy lives with her meddling, but sweet, grandmother, and is loathe to leave her. She never knew her dad, and her mom took off years before. Livy went through some wild lifestyle stuff when she was 17, and after coming to her senses, kind of swung to the other end of the spectrum. The other thing about Livy that bothered me a lot was that it seemed like she had very little self-control or self-respect when it came to Miller. He wasn't always nice to her, but because he made her lady bits tingle every time she locked eyes with him, she continued to pant after him. I swear, she lost her mind every time they were in the same room. It was infuriating. I just wanted her to woman up, tell Miller to shove it and make HIM come crawling back to her instead of the other way around. 

Oh yes - Miller. He was no Jesse Ward. Yes, Miller was controlling and alpha and manly. What he was NOT was charismatic and charming, which are absolutely essential characteristics when dealing with a control freak. Without the endearing qualities, the guy just seems like an ass - which was pretty much Miller most of the time. As a character, he was flat and stiff. There was no depth to him. The only thing that drove me onward was his secrets. It was apparent immediately that he had them, and I hate feeling out of the loop, so I was determined to figure them out. He wasn't very forthcoming with them, even after Livy spilled all of her darkest and deepest skeletons. It made me wonder what was so bad that he was so afraid of the full disclosure. 

The reader doesn't find out until around 85% what Miller's big secret is, and it really is a doozy. Honestly, I feel kind of stupid that I didn't see it coming, because after it's revealed, I remembered all the signs earlier that pointed to it. The revelation of the big secret ended up going hand-in-hand with a crazy cliffhanger. The two things put together accomplished what I had previously thought impossible. As soon as I was done, I downloaded the second book in the series, One Night Denied, from NetGalley. I actually started reading it right away. Surprising, I know. But, what can I say? Over the course of this entire book, Livy's and Miller's relationship became way more interesting than the characters did on their own. It was hot and angsty and drama-filled, which are all good bookish things. Stay tuned for more on the second book in this series.   

REVIEW: Not Until you (Loving on the Edge #3.5)

Not Until You (Loving on the Edge #3.5), by Roni Loren
Published November 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: paperback, provided by the publisher
Genre: adult erotic romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4.5 STARS

(From Goodreads) Cela knows how to be good. She’s had a lifetime of practice. But on the night of her college graduation, she decides she’s earned one wild night before she has to move back home to her overprotective family. So when the hot neighbor she’s been quietly fantasizing about for a year suggests a game of Never Have I Ever, she’s ready. But what starts out as a simple game takes an unexpected turn. Because Ian Foster doesn’t play games he can’t win.

Foster knows his desires aren’t for the faint of heart, especially not for someone as sweet and innocent as his pretty neighbor. But when Cela shows up at his door with an invitation that surprises him, he can’t resist indulging. Cela has no idea what she’s in for. The secret dark side of this man’s need will both intrigue and terrify her. But Cela has a secret of her own—and a new game to see just how far they’re both willing to go, and how much they’re willing to risk by crossing every boundary of desire.

I violated my own MO when it came to Not Until You. I had never read a book by Roni Loren before this one. Yes, I know it's #3.5, and therefore, right in the middle of the series. I don't usually do that. I'm very anal about reading series in order. But, the description of Not Until You, coupled with recommendations from my good friend Hannah, compelled me to break out of my mold and read it now. 

In Not Until you, Cela is on the cusp of starting her new career and moving on with her life past college. She's appalled when she realizes that in the entire time she was in college, and then veterinary school, she hasn't really experienced that life to the fullest, and it irks her. That desire to experience a thrill compels her to knock on her neighbor's door and ask the two completely gorgeous guys that live there if they want to help her celebrate her graduation. That starts a whirlwind romance with Ian Foster, a man Cela knows nothing about, but is willing to learn. 

Foster and Pike were so... compelling. And so different from one another. Foster is broody and stoic and professional. Pike is wild, crazy and fun. They are complete opposites, and it makes me wonder how they became BFFs in the first place (maybe I should read one of the first three books in the series, huh?). Despite the differences in their personalities, they complement each other well. They seemed to know just what the other was thinking, when to back off and when to help. 

That came in handy when Cela entered the picture. The intention was for a single night of super hot fun. And the three of them absolutely had that. Until Foster asks Pike for the rest of the night alone with her, and Foster discovers a secret about Cela that makes her even more intriguing to him. Suddenly, Foster can't stay away from her, no matter what he thinks he SHOULD do. 

Cela's sort of in the same headspace. She wanted one night with her hot neighbors, but that one night caused her to develop feelings for Foster that she didn't expect. She found out things about him and he found out things about her that connected them to each other, despite their desire to follow their lives trajectories in the opposite directions. Cela is to join her overbearing father in his veterinary practice in a town a few hours away. Foster is to continue his job as a part owner of a kinky sex club. 

But, Cela and Foster find their solace in each other, very unexpectedly. It completely unsettles them - especially Foster. They both find themselves doing things completely out of character. Foster is softer and more romantic, despite his slightly deviant side. Cela is wild, kinky and unpredictable, despite having been raised to be the stable and responsible one. I loved watching both of them test their new boundaries with each other and learn the relationship ropes together. They screw up, they make up, and then they screw up again. It's sweet and awesome. 

I loved how Cela and Foster's bedrooms were on the opposite sides of one wall. How they could hear each other in their rooms and know whether they were walking around, sleeping or doing other things with other people (before they got together, of course). It lent this tender and personal facet to their story that I thought was pretty important. 

My first foray into Roni Loren's work proved to be super crazy hot and so entertaining. I think now is a good time to go back and catch up on the rest of the books in this awesome series. I did spoil myself on a few of the couples featured in Not Until You, but it's all good. For some reason, I don't really mind. 


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This is one meme I can get on board with - I LOVE lists! I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Top Ten Sequels I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On

1. The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13), by JR Ward - After the crazy life of the BDB turned back to Wrath and Beth in book #12, the spotlight also shined a bit brighter on Trez and iAm - The Shadows. Their story, along with several others in the BDB world, is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

2. Bound By Flames (Night Prince #3), by Jeaniene Frost - This will bring a close to Vlad and Leila's story, and although I'll be so, SO sad to say goodbye, the finale is sure to be amazing. I can't tell you how much I love Vlad. Next to Bones and Cat, he's my most favoritest of all of Ms. Frost's characters.

3. The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6), by Richelle Mead - This is another series ender, and possibly the end of an era (although, I'm pulling for Richelle Mead to make another spin-off about Jill). No more Vampire Academy world books - *gasp*! That's so sad, especially since the Bloodlines series has shaped up to be even better than the original.

4. Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood #2), by Victoria Scott - Fire & Flood was one of my favorite YA reads in 2014. It was fresh, original, and created a new swoony book boyfriend in Guy. I can't wait to see what perils and challenges await Tella and Guy as they brave the ocean and mountains together with their pandoras.

5. Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4), by Marissa Meyer - Is it bad of me to say that I don't really care too much about Queen Levana's back story? I really just want to get to the super good stuff and find out what happens to Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and their men. Unfortunately, I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR yet to find out. 

6. End of Days (Penryn and the End of Days #3), by Susan Ee - OMG, it feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for the last Penryn book to come out. And, we still have another six whole months to go (I see a re-read in my future)! But, I'm still super excited for the last book in this series to come out and see what happens to Penryn, her creepy sister, and most of all, Raffe.

7. The Forgotten Crown (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten), by Julie Kagawa - Like its name, I feel like this series has been forgotten, in favor of Julie's new (albeit super awesomesauce) new series, Talon. But, hey! Remember The Iron Traitor? And how it ended on a crazy cliffhanger? Like, THIRTEEN MONTHS AGO?

8. Dark Debt (Chicagoland Vampires #11), by Chloe Neill - I will never get tired of the Chicagoland Vampire books. Hell - things are just getting really interesting for all the vampires in this world, and especially for Merit and Ethan. The eleventh book brings back Morgan Greer, whom we haven't heard from in quite awhile. that might make this one the best book yet.

9. All Played Out (Rusk University #3), by Cora Carmack - Since I've been on Cora's Rusk University street team since the beginning, I feel like the characters in this series are extra special to me. I know I'm going to laugh - a lot - while reading the next book in the series. It follows Mateo Torres, wide receiver, and all around funny guy. And, I also feel like I need to check in on my girl Stella and see how she's doing.

10. Captivated By You (Crossfire #4), by Sylvia Day - Truthfully, the wait is essentially over for this one, as it releases today. I only have to wait for the UPS truck to back up to my front door and drop this hot number on my doorstep. But, I've been waiting for more than a year for this one, so I'm super excited to see what's in store now for Gideon and Eva.



The New Adult genre - their bad boys and big problems and epic loves make them engrossing tales that are so easy to lose yourself in. What's not to love about that? And, now, thanks to the cool chicks at Bewitched Bookworms, we can show these books the love they deserve in a weekly feature - New Adult Mondays.

Caged In Winter, by Brighton Walsh
Published November 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: e-arc, provided by NetGalley
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads) Aspiring chef Cade Maxwell is immediately, viscerally attracted to Winter Jacobson. But it’s not her mouthwatering curves he’s drawn to—it’s the strange emptiness in her eyes. When Cade saves her from a drunken customer with grabby hands, he’s shocked at her response…...

Winter doesn’t need Cade’s help. After a lifetime of getting by on her own, she’s happy to rely on herself. She’s exactly seventy-six days away from graduating college, and if she can hold it together that long, she’ll finally be able to rise above the crappy hand she was dealt.

But now, every time she turns around, Cade is there, ready to push her, smile at her, distract her from her plans. Winter knows she can’t afford to open up—especially to a man she’s terrified to actually want….

New-to-me author Brighton Walsh blew me away with Caged In Winter. It was intense and sexy and sweet, albeit a bit frustrating at times. Frustrating is good in books, though. It's okay if you want to throw your Kindle across the room or if people in public places look at you funny as you yell at your paperback. It means the book is getting to you and you're invested in the characters and the story. I definitely got into Caged in Winter.

Cade is a hero. He has sacrificed his dreams for his sister and niece. He studies hard to become a sous chef. And, he doesn't like to see men treat women with disrespect. Which is why he steps in to save a pretty waitress from a handsy customer. As it turns out, that's exactly what she didn't want, and has no trouble telling him so. Her attitude and her looks confound him, and Cade finds he can't shake the girl from his mind. 

I've got to be honest with you. Winter was REALLY hard to like. For a long time. She and Cade were just so dichotomous, I think it made her seem ever harsher than what she may have been if Cade had even one cranky bone in his body. As it was, Cade was completely wonderful, so when Winter threw him the cold shoulder again and again and again, it just made her seem like a bitch. 

On one hand, I get it. Winter had no one. She had been left down again and again by people. And, she was so close to graduation, she didn't feel like she needed the complication of a man at this point in her life. Her mantra was, keep your head down, plow through the last semester of school, and figure everything else out on the other side. 

For Cade, Winter was another person he could save. I'm not sure how Cade kept pressing on in the face of such blatant disinterest on Winter's part, but he did. She shot him down over and over again, and he kept coming back for more. Of course, he eventually wore her down with his delicious cooking and his sensitive, caring nature, but it was a very hard-won fight. 

And, it was because Cade was so wonderful that I had such a hard time liking Winter. I wanted her to give in to him so much sooner than when she did. I didn't want her to get so angry with him for just being a nice guy. She was so nasty and horrible to him when he didn't do anything wrong. Winter made me absolutely crazy. 

Once she gave in to the inevitable, however, I really settled in. It was fun to read about Cade breaking down Winter's walls. It was also nice and realistic to read about how, when the two of them finally became a couple, other areas in their lives suffered - like school. It was very realistic. When you're so wrapped up in another person, other things in your life don't command as much attention. Both Winter and Cade were in their final semester of school, and their studies suffered when they started spending their studying time getting busy with each other instead. 

Inevitably, as it usually happens, circumstances pull Cade and Winter apart. I loved how, in the end, Winter was the one to chase Cade - finally. It seemed like things had come full circle for them, and it made the end that much sweeter. 

Caged In Winter was told in dual POV. It was crazy hot and sexy and satisfied my never ending thirst for emotional, romantic and lady-bit tingly new adult reads. It was fantastic, and I can't wait for the next book by Brighton Walsh that will take place in this world.

COVER REVEAL: Unexpectedly Yours (Beachwood Bay #6)

Melody Grace is one of my favorite one-click authors. I will seriously read ANYTHING she writes. Her Beachwood Bay series is one of my favorite new adult series, and the great news is, it's continuing next month with the next addition to her Beachwood Bay spinoff - The Callahans. Ready to see the cover of UNEXPECTEDLY YOURS?

Unexpectedly Yours (Beachwood Bay #6), by Melody Grace
To Be Published December, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: iBooks

(From Goodreads) Sophie Young has been dreaming about the perfect Christmas in New York ever since she was a kid. But when her boyfriend bails on their romantic trip for two, she finds herself stranded in the city on Christmas Eve, with only a holiday-hating smooth-talking, utterly sexy stranger for company…
Rock-star Austin Kelly is fed up with Christmas – he’s more interested in who’s going to be cozying up under the mistletoe. But when his little black book comes up empty, he finds himself on a whirlwind tour of the city with the most unlikely partner in festive fun…
The snow is falling, but things are definitely heating up inside. And by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, there will be plenty to celebrate with old friends and familiar faces back in Beachwood Bay.

A heart-warming, sexy new stand-alone holiday novella from New York Times bestselling author Melody Grace!

Not familiar yet with Melody's Beachwood Bay series? As luck would have it, you can be introduced to how it all started  - with Emerson and Juliet - for free. The very first novella in the series, UNTOUCHED, is free on Amazon!

Untouched (Beachwood Bay #0.5), by Melody Grace
To Buy: iBooks * Amazon

(From Goodreads) Emerson Ray is trouble. Juliet knows it the minute she lays eyes on Beachwood Bay's resident bad boy. Forced to spend her summer before college in the sleepy beach town, she never expected to crash into the most devastating guy she’s ever met—or for Emerson’s blue eyes to strip through her dark secrets, and make her feel a desire she’s never known. Their connection is undeniable, but Juliet is torn. She knows, once she gives him everything, there’ll be no turning back.

Juliet McKenzie is dangerous. Emerson can tell from the way she blows through all his defences, laying bare the demons he’s carried alone all his life. He’s left a trail of broken hearts and empty beds in his wake, but Juliet is different. Her innocence is intoxicating—and the passion she keeps hidden, just below the surface. He wants to be the only one to set it free, but with every kiss, he’s closer to losing control and doing the one thing he swore he never would: fall in love.

One summer. Two damaged hearts. Their story is only just beginning…

About the Author

Melody Grace is the New York Times bestselling author of the Beachwood Bay series. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, after spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself. She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk. She is author of USA Today & international bestselling Beachwood Bay series.

REVIEW: Romancing the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #5)

Romancing the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #5), by Jessica Clare
Published November 4, 2014
Publisher: Intermix
Format: e-book, provided by NetGalley
Genre: adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads) Jonathan Lyons. Playboy, billionaire, and adventurer, he lives life on the edge. When he hears that his mentor, Dr. Phineas DeWitt, had a secret journal that leads to a legendary artifact, Jonathan takes action. It stirs his blood, but it comes with a heady challenge: DeWitt's daughter Violet. She has what Jonathan needs. And she’s not giving it up it to the man who broke her heart.

Violet is Jonathan’s weakness—he’s still in love despite their volatile breakup a decade ago. But Violet’s memories have a sharper edge. She’s never forgiven him for abandoning her. Or so she thought. When Jonathan’s attentions turn seductive, she’s in danger of falling for him all over again. And she can’t help but wonder... does he really want her, or just what she's hiding?

I've fallen completely in love with Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boys Club series. I've been very curious about Jonathan Lyons. He's been a relatively quiet member of the secret society thus far, which of course means that his story was sure to be one of the most interesting. 

Jonathan Lyons has been in love with Violet DeWitt for ten years. The death of his mentor and her father cause them to come together once more to fulfill her father's dying wish. Although their pairing is volatile at first, it doesn't take them long to rediscover why they fell in love in the past. 

There were several things about Romancing the Billionaire that make this book different from the others in this series. The first thing is that Jonathan is already in love when we first see him. He knew Violet when he was a teen, and she dumped him without an obvious reason. He never got over it and he never found someone else. So, the book starts with him already having this connection to this woman that is obviously strong and lasting. 

Violet is also still as much in love with Jonathan as he is with her. But, her love is accompanied by a world of hurt and anger that takes awhile for her to get past. There are legitimate reasons why she's so upset, and most of them have to do with her manipulative deceased father. When those reasons come out, it completely changes the game for Jonathan and Violet, and all of a sudden, the focus isn't as much on their past, but more on their mission to complete for her father. 

Romancing the Billionaire is one part romance novel one part Indiana Jones movie. It actually reminded me more of National Treasure - Jonathan and Violet are given a clue to decipher, which leads to another clue, and another and so forth. Their clues take them around the world, and uses their past experiences and their shared love of history and archaeology to bring them together as a formidable team. They worked well together, both in the field and in the bedroom. 

Holy smokes - when these two decided to get over their past hurts and get down to the business of loving each other again, they were amazing. Jonathan is incredibly sweet and sensitive, even though he does seem to put his foot in his mouth a lot. Violet is tough and strong, but all that seems to fly out the window when in Jonathan's presence. Their shared moments alone were tender and bittersweet and hot and sexy. It was incredibly satisfying. 

Because Jonathan and Violet spent most of their time on the road, we didn't see much from the other boys in the club. We saw Cade the most often, as he and Jonathan are the closest of friends among the group. Cade helps Violet out in several key places in the book - it was fun seeing him in the fun and playful role for a change. 

If you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend it. Each book is a light and quick read - perfect for a day of escapism. I loved it.