April 1, 2012

Book #37 - Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1)

Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1), Richelle Mead
421 pages
urban fantasy
Started 3/22/12
Finished 3/26/12

Ok - before I write a review, I just have to ask a stupid question. If the alchemysts are so concerned about secrecy, why in Heaven's name did they choose THE FACE as the place to put their tattoo??? The shoulder blade, chest or butt cheek would've been much easier to hide. Duh.

I very reluctantly read this book. I absolutely LOVE the VA series. It's one of my most favorite series of all time. And, honestly, Sydney was not a character that I liked in them. So, when I found out the Bloodlines was a continuation of the VA story told from Sydney's POV, I balked for quite awhile. I ended up deciding to read it only in the hopes that eventually I could see Adrian end up happy. Because, although I never wanted he and Rose to be together (Dimitri!!), I did love his character and felt so badly for him at the end of Last Sacrifice.

It was a total shock to me when I actually found myself really enjoying Bloodlines. Sydney didn't bother me nearly as much as she did in the VA series. Perhaps it's the glimpse into her back story that helps to explain away some of her abrasiveness. That, and, as alchemysts go, apparently, she's mild in that department.

I loved seeing more from Eddie, too. I really liked his character in VA, and it's nice to see him fulfilling his dream. Do I detect a future love interest with he and Jill? For some reason, that icks me out.

My only complaint is that there were no surprises whatsoever in Bloodlines. The big twist - the "who-dun-it" moment - at the end of the book, I had figured out very early on. For how smart Sydney is supposed to be, it was disappointing to see her so clueless sometimes.

I am really looking forward to The Golden Lily when it comes out in June. I really hope Sydney can get over her hang-ups enough to see what an awesome person Adrian is. And, how great they could be together.

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Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

HaHa I never thought about the tattoo being on the face. It makes sense to hide it.