December 6, 2012

November Book Report

November was a big book month. There were a bunch of new releases that I had been eagerly anticipating for months. Plus, I kept stoking the fire of my new urban fantasy obsession. It's been a fun month.

Books Read - 13
Books Read To Date - 134
Total Pages Read - 50,626
Favorite Book of the Month - Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires #3)

I read the first four Chicagoland Vampires books in November, and of them, the third one was my favorite. It was all about Gabriel Keene and the shifters and their tense relationship with the vampires. I absolutely loved those leather-wearing, meat-loving, scary-looking dudes. It was also about Merit and Ethan and their tense relationship. Twice Bitten was the best, because when it was good, it was very, very good. And, when it was bad (and I don't mean that the book was bad, but rather the situations in the book took a bad turn), it was very, very bad. This is the book in which I laughed and I cried and I got pissed and I was deliriously happy. I loved it.

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