December 11, 2012

Book #133 - Spark (Elemental #2)

Spark (Elemental #2), Brigid Kemmerer
paranormal romance
345 pages
Started 12/1/12
Finished 12/3/12

Four stupidly hot brothers and they all have awesomesauce powers and are fiercely loyal and incredibly sweet - now, I know most girls totally want to hit that, and really, I can't blame them (in my own cougar-ish way). But, think for a second how amazing it would be to be besties with one or all of them? Can you imagine the parties - heck, even the casual get-togethers - they would have at their house? Hands down, the Merrick brothers are now my new favorite bookish family.

Following the events of Storm (Elemental #1), all the Merrick brothers are on edge. Their meet-and-greet with the guide doesn't go so smoothly, especially for Gabriel who is harboring a lot of guilt over his recent perceived failures. To make matters worse, he's in danger of failing trigonometry and getting kicked off the basketball team. So, he enlists Layne's help to get his grade up. He didn't bank on her being so interesting. But, his attention is pulled to a recent string of arsons, and his desire to help people compels him to use his power over fire to help save the victims of those crimes. Only problem is, everyone who knows about his ability now thinks HE'S the arson.

Boy oh boy, was this an emotional book. I mean, lump in my throat, tissue in hand, husband laughing at me while I cry at a BOOK emotional. Gabriel is so tough on the outside, being the brawler in the family. He feels a sense of responsibility to take care of his twin brother Nick and his little brother Chris. And, although he resents oldest brother Michael's authority, he loves him and looks up to him so much. So, when they all start asking Gabe questions about the fires in town, he takes it so personally. It kills him that they would even think he could do something like that. Gah - his reactions and his heartbreak was so wrenching!

The plot was enticing and interesting. These brothers are totally engaging, and I find the time reading their story simply flying by.  There was a seamless transition from book 1 into book 2, which I really do appreciate. Even though it's been a few months since I read Storm, the catch-up that was provided within the context of Spark was just right - not too much so that I forgot which book I was reading, but not too little that I was still missing important details.

But, most of all, I have to say bravo to Ms. Kemmerer. Thank you for making me feel. And, I don't mean "blah, blah, blah, oh, that's too bad, blah, blah." I mean, feeeeeeeeeeel. I was emotionally engaged and invested throughout the entire book, and that, my dear readers, is a very rare and wonderful thing.

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