December 8, 2012

Book #132 - Once Burned (Night Prince #1)

Once Burned (Night Prince #1), Jeaniene Frost
paranormal romance
346 pages
Started 11/27/12
Finished 12/1/12

Despite the fact that I had to hide the cover of this book from my husband, so as not to suffer his incessant ribbing about the fabio-esque dude with the six-pack abs and flowing locks, I really enjoyed Once Burned. The cover most definitely did not make the book.

Leila is an acrobat who works with vampires and weres and other supernaturals on the carny circuit. They're the only ones that can come close to being able to handle her electrified right hand and her ability to see the past, present and future with a single touch. Unfortunately, an ability like that is sure to be noticed sooner or later, and Leila's number is up. After being kidnapped by a bunch of scary vamps, one that is scarier - the scariest, actually - saves her and takes her under his wing. And, eventually, into his bed. Yum.

Despite the Dracula references, which I thought were a smite cheesy, I thought Vlad was really cool. He's mean and scary and raw and he kinda melts a little around Leila. I love that stuff. And, Leila is a loner and cranky and aloof who comes out of her shell around Vlad. It's good chemistry.

The bad guy was oh so very bad - no denying that. But, the good guys blurred the lines a little more. They weren't completely good. It was a refreshing change. Every book needs good and evil, light and dark. It's fun when it's hard to figure out who's who. Once Burned was a little like that. I mean, Vlad's nickname IS "The Impaler." It's hard to be a true blue good guy with a name like that, right?

I'm looking forward to the next Night Prince book and seeing Vlad flesh out a little more (excuse the pun) whether he wants to be good or bad. And whether he wants to admit he loves Leila or not. Can't wait!

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