December 13, 2012

Book #134 - Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1), Sarah J. Maas
high fantasy
404 pages
Started 12/5/12
Finished 12/8/12

I'm a sucker for hype. Many times, I'll read a book if there's a lot of polarizing points of view on it, just so I can see for myself what all the fuss is about. Throne of Glass was one of those books. It seemed as if most reviews were either stellar or very poor. I had to see on which end of the spectrum I ended up.

Celaena Sardothian is a notorious assassin who was caught and thrown in a work camp that no one ever survives. After a year there, she is pulled out by the crown prince and asked to be his champion in a series of trials with other thieves, assassins and soldiers. The winner is named the king's official assassin and is released from whatever prison from which he or she came. The losers go back. But, something else starts killing the contestants before their trials. And Celaena is determined to get to the bottom of it so that she can win fair and square and finally be free.

For a book about an assassin, she didn't do nearly enough assassinating.There was, in fact NO assassinating. None done by Celaena, anyway. I was really bummed out, because she was a real badass. She absolutely could've done some epic killing. It was unfortunate. The trials that we got to observe were my favorite parts of the book. I loved reading about Celaena besting the biggest, baddest dudes in the land. And, she did it with flair and panache. It was awesome. But, for some reason, we didn't get to see all the trials either. Another bummer.

I did love the supporting characters. Prince Dorian and Captain of the Guard Chaol Westfall were so different from each other. But, they both fall in love with Celaena and show their affections in very different ways. Dorian is a showman and Chaol is reserved and bides his time. And, although it seems as though Celaena prefers one over the other by the end, nothing is certain in this love triangle.

Overall, despite the lack of death, I did enjoy Throne of Glass. It was interesting and I really loved the characters - especially Celaena. I wonder what the future holds for her, Chaol and Dorian in the second book. 


Renée said...

Glad you liked it! did you know there are 4 novellas that take place before ToG? They're really good, especially the last one, it tells you how she ended up in the mines

Krista said...

I think I knew that, Ren. It would be fun to read the novellas too!

Cleo Rogers said...

Need to read the excerpt ASAP, thanks for sharing [cant wait to read this one, so many people have enjoyed it!]. (:

Cleo Rogers (Janitorial Service)