October 12, 2012

Book #109 - Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson #4)

Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson #4), Patricia Briggs
urban fantasy
300 pages
Started 9/30/12
Finished 10/2/12

After the major events at the end of the third Mercy Thompson book, I moved immediately on to the next one in the series. I am really loving this series and wanted to see what would happen next in Mercy's life. 

Mercy has decided to let Adam in and accept him as her mate. But, she is still reeling from the trauma she experienced, so that's easier said than done. To complicate matters further, the vampire queen is on to Mercy's misgivings and is gunning for her now. Sounds like a good time for a vacay. So, Mercy heads to visit an acquaintance from college. And, in true Mercy fashion, ends up in worse trouble than if she had just stayed at home.

I think the third book was just too damn good. I don't think it can be topped, honestly. So, in my opinion. it paled in comparison. My favorite part was seeing Mercy actually struggle with something. Her character always seemed so strong and competent. Of course, after something like what happened to her happens to someone, it affects you in some serious ways. I'm so glad that Briggs didn't gloss over that.

It was equally refreshing to see her man stand by her. They cross another major bridge in their relationship, and Adam proves he's definitely worth waiting and fighting for. Love that.

The mystery itself wasn't as compelling as the others in the past. It felt a little contrived. And, the bad guy didn't scare me like the other baddies had. It could've been done better. In any case, I'm looking forward to finishing out the last two books that are out now and then hunkering down and waiting for the seventh Mercy book to come out next year.

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Anonymous said...

I just bought it and I can't wait it to arrive via mail :D
Thanks for the review! This author's awesome and I really like this series ^_^