October 20, 2012

Book #112 - Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5)

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5), Patricia Briggs
urban fantasy
342 pages
Started 10/14/12
Finished 10/15/12

This was such a fun book! More weirdo fae. More Mercy and Adam. More SAMUEL. Need I say more?

Mercy has a fae book that apparently someone wants back. But, Mercy's learned a thing or two from her recent misadventures with the supernatural community, and she's not about to just hand it over. But now someone is after her to try and get it back. Complicating matters, Samuel is a wolf - and I mean A WOLF. And, that's not a good thing.

I'm making my way through the Mercy series, and like most series that include a lot of installments, some books in it are better than others. This was one of the better ones. There is more progression in Mercy's and Adam's relationship, which has born into something so wonderful and strong. The way Adam loves her is the stuff of only the absolute best romance stories. And Mercy's insecurities and hang-ups after what happened are made better every day because of him. This is good stuff, my friends.

And then there's Samuel. He's been Mercy's best friend for a long time, but he's struggling. It was good to see him trying to work through his stuff too. And, the out that he finds is very satisfying.

One book to go until the few months long wait for the seventh and final book. As much as I've loved this series, I think it's about time for Mercy and Adam and their friends to settle down and enjoy their lives. Don't you? 

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