October 9, 2012

A Few Words About Novellas

I wanted to say a few words about novellas. In my experience, novellas are like the cherry on top of the sundae - an addition to what would otherwise be a final product that makes the whole just a little sweeter. But, ultimately, it's wholly unnecessary. Because the real stars of the show are the vanilla ice cream, the hot fudge and the peanuts. And the caramel. And the whipped cream.

I didn't mean to get distracted by thoughts of frosty goodness (note to self - a trip to DQ is on tap for tomorrow). The point is, novellas are short add-ons to enhance the main story. Do you "count" novellas? What I mean is, when you think about the books you've read, do you count the novellas in the pile as full-fledged books?

I don't. And, it's mostly because, in my mind, they really are just extra-specials. If I didn't read them, I'd probably not miss anything. I don't count them in my book count here on my blog. And, although Goodreads counts them in my count for the year, I also keep them in a separate folder after I've finished them.

Above are a few of the novellas I've read this year. I've also read a lot of extra content on author's blogs and websites that they offer for free (don't you just love it when they do that?!). I love what they bring to the story overall, and I fully intend to keep seeking them out as I get involved with new series. What about you?

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