October 3, 2012

Book #107 - Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2)

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2), Patricia Briggs
urban fantasy
Started 9/25/12
Finished 9/26/12

After falling in love with Mercy Thompson and her merry band of misfits in Moon Called, I didn't waste any time devouring book #2 in the series. I started it the very next day and 24 hours later, I had two Mercy books under my belt. I'm finding this series to be so much fun!

Stefan, Mercy's vampire friend, calls in a favor and asks her to accompany him on what is supposed to be a peace meeting with a big, bad nasty. The peace meeting doesn't go so... peaceably. I mean, this IS Mercy after all. She learns that there's a demon-possessed sorcerer vampire running amok in Tri-Cities. And, now he's gunning for her. Good thing she has two very hot werewolves to protect her.

My favorite part about this book was more Stefan. In book #1, we got a good look at Mercy, Sam and Adam. This book is our chance to learn about Stefan, and he is one cool vamp. And, it appears that he, like the aforementioned weres, cares a lot about Mercy.

And, once again, Mercy is called upon to save them all. I love the irony in that. Oh sure - Sam and Adam have saved Mercy's bacon a few times themselves. But, in the end, it's all up to the little coyote. That's one of the things about this series that's so endearing. Mercy is so strong and capable that she ends up in situations where she can dispose of the bad guy and save her main men. I love that about her.

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