October 1, 2012

Book #106 - Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1)

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1), Patricia Briggs
urban fantasy
Started 9/20/12
Finished 9/24/12

Oh, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Where have you been my whole life? I approached Moon Called with a measure of trepidation. Urban fantasy is not my favorite genre. Previous attempts at connecting with books in that vein have fallen a little short. I'm not sure why - I suspect is has something to do with the significant lack of romance, which is my favorite part of most books. And, although that was no different in this case, obviously something was, because I was grabbed from the first page.

Mercedes Thompson is a VW mechanic by trade and a shapeshifter by nature. She is brave and tough with a soft heart. And, as it turns out, a magnet for trouble. When she stumbles on a plot by someone to capture young werewolves, she is determined to get to the bottom of it, come hell or high water. Luckily, she has friends in high places, like Dr. Samuel Cornick, the son of the most powerful werewolf in the country (and her ex-boyfriend), and Adam Hauptman, the Alpha werewolf of the local pack.

Briggs has an amazing imagination. The pack dynamics that she describes seemed so well thought out - they made perfect sense to me and helped deepen the understanding and connection to the world the characters live in. I love the fact that Mercy is as normal as possible... without being normal. I always forget that she's something supernatural as well, until she shifts into a coyote.

Even all that wouldn't have been enough for me to love this book as much as I did. I think what really did it for me were the characters. I fell in love with Mercy immediately. She's the perfect blend of hard and soft, snark and sweet. And, she's a cat lover. Who is a coyote. I love that bit of irony.

And then there's the boys. Samuel. Bran. Adam. Stefan. All handsome, strong and brave. And all love Mercy in different ways. They're fleshed out so well - I feel like I know them all.

Lucky me, I own all six Mercy Thompson books that are currently out. Be prepared for a Mercy marathon, people.  

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