September 27, 2012

Book #105 - Rapture (Fallen #4)

Rapture (Fallen #4), Lauren Kate
paranormal romance
Started 9/13/12
Finished 9/19/12

It's always with some measure of satisfaction that I reach the end of a series. Depending on how good the series was, that satisfaction is accompanied by sadness (because it's over), happiness (because it ended well), or pride (because I finished a series that I hadn't thought I would). When I came to the end of Rapture... I honestly just felt a little confused for awhile.

(Some of this may be spoilerish if you haven't read the first three Fallen books.) Luce and Daniel have found each other again and now they have to band together with their friends to try and stop Lucifer from erasing the past and present as they all know it. Meanwhile, Luce continues trying to put her past lives together to try and figure out who she is now. And whether she and Daniel have a chance to break the curse.

I don't quite get the ending, to be honest with you. All four books led up to the final moments. The big showdown. I wanted some satisfaction. A beat down on the big bad. And, instead, it all just sort of... stopped. Then God said some stuff. And it was pretty much over. Really? I was left wanting a lot more.

There were some elements of the finale that were somewhat satisfying. Luce and Daniel's relationship came to a happy place, I guess. Their angel and half-angel friends too. So, all good things. And, most of the book was really action-packed - the most action-packed of all the books in the series. Which I certainly appreciated. But, I think it was all that action and drama that made the final ending that much more of a let-down. I just feel like Kate could've done better.

In any case, I am proud that I finished a series that I one thought I might not. I thought I wouldn't go past the second book. I am glad I stuck it out. Really.   

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