June 6, 2012

May Book Report

Oh my, but this was a GREAT month for good books! We had two 5-star books, three 4.5-star books, and three brand news ones that I was able to read almost immediately. It was very exciting! Let's break it down.

Books Read - 11
Books Read To Date - 62
Total Pages Read - 24,138
Favorite Book of the Month - Obsidian

Among all those good books this month, you'd think it would be hard to pick a favorite. It actually was pretty easy. Over the month of May, I've developed a thing for Jennifer L. Armentrout. I read three of them, plus a novella, and I'm eagerly anticipating all the sequels coming up. My favorite book of hers that I've read was Obsidian. It was such a fantastic story! It was my first alien book, and I was skeptical at first, but was won over almost immediately. I now find myself recommending all of her books to all my bookish friends. Have you read Jennifer L. Armentrout's books yet???

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