June 11, 2012

Book #63 - Dreaming Awake (Falling Under #2)

Dreaming Awake (Falling Under #2), Gwen Hayes
336 pages
paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Started 6/1/12
Finished 6/4/12

Argh. My must-read-series-in-order-itis is followed closely behind by my must-read-all-books-in-the-series-phobia. Oh, my bookish sicknesses. They cause me to read books like Dreaming Awake. The follow-up to its equally lackluster companion, Falling Under.

Theia is now partly a demon - sort of. And, she has returned to town after being gone for more than a month to try and resume a normal life. Problem number one with this book. Theia walks into her house after having been presumed to be a runaway, and her dad barely registers her presence. No dad would ever act that way - not even hers.

So, Theia returns to school, even though she's so hopelessly behind now, she knows she can't complete the year. What kid do you know that goes to school even when she really doesn't have to? And, then she finds out that Mara is "dating" her dad. After she sucks his soul and renders him comatose, she decides to put an end to Mara's influence once and for all, hoping that when she does that, that she and Haden can truly be together, finally.

There are just a whole lot of things about this series that just read really ridiculous to me. Under is a place you can only get to in your dreams. Unless you're awake and know how to get there. And, one would assume it's hard to get there, and only special people can go. But, Theia brings her BFFs there for visits on occasion.

And, don't even get me started on the whole bit about how demons (like Haden) can't have sex with virgins (like Theia), or they will turn evil. Really? REALLY?? I'd really like some crackers with that cheese, please.

Do yourself a favor and bypass the Falling Under series. You're not missing too much. 

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