June 19, 2012

Book #66 - All U Can Eat

All U Can Eat, Emma Holly
301 pages
Erotica, romance
Started 6/8/12
Finished 6/11/12

I would imagine that when tourists roll into the town of Six Palms, they immediately smell sand, surf and sex. 'Cause it appears that everyone in the town is having lots of it with just about everyone. Over the course of this 300-page book, Frankie has sex with five different guys, including one she met only 10 hours before, an on-duty cop, and both of the towns' mechanics. At the same time. On top of that, it's uncovered through the course of a murder investigation (oh wait - there was a murder? Right! That's supposed to be the main story here. It sorta got lost among all the wild monkey sex.) that practically everyone who's anyone (including the mayor's wife, the top real estate saleswoman, and the rich charity worker) is having sex videos made of themselves.

With everything going on in Whoresville, a.k.a. Six Palms, I kinda had a hard time controlling my eye-rolling impulse. I think it's hard to write a good ER story and not have it read like cheesy porn on a page. Some have been successful (hello - Fifty Shades, anyone?); many have not. I think a lot of the secret is controlling the language and making the encounters sexy and not slutty - something that's possible as long as there aren't kittens and roosters weeping and sheathing all over the place. 

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