March 9, 2012

February Book Report

Because of varying annoyances that have kept me from blogging for a week or more - sickness, busy work schedule, kids - my February book report is long overdue.

Books Read - 11
Books Read To Date - 23
Total Pages Read - 9,314
Favorite Book of the Month - City of Glass

My pick for favorite of the month was actually rather easy this time. I loved City of Glass. It was so rewarding to see Jace and Clary finally end up together. I don't see how any of the final three books in the series could be as good.

I've always had a passion for reading. I can remember devouring my mom's old Nancy Drew books when I was in grade school. Then, I moved on to Sweet Valley High. The day my order from the Scholastic Book Club came in was better than a field trip day. I see a lot of those qualities in my own daughter now, and I love that about her.

Most of the books I read, I borrow from the library. An obsession this big could be expensive if I bought every book I read. I actually belong to two libraries so that my selection is a big bigger. I always try to borrow to my Kindle first, but Kindle lending is just getting off the ground, so the selection kinda stinks. I currently have nine books out. It's a lot - I know. I probably won't finish all of them before the lending period is up. But, I'd rather get them and renew them instead of waiting until I'm ready to read something specific, and it's already checked out. Man - that's irritating. In any case, I have a full complement of books to ensure that my March book report is just as interesting.

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