March 22, 2012

Book #32 - Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander #1)

Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander #1), Karen Marie Moning
375 pages
Paranormal romance, time travel
Started 3/15/12
Finished 3/16/12

What a cheesy cover. Sheesh. I've never been a fan of the Fabio-inspired, chesty guy, heaving bosoms book covers. The entire time I had this book from the library, I kept it hidden underneath other books so that my husband wouldn't see it - I would've never heard the end of it. But, ultimately, I got it because it was written by Karen Marie Moning, and I loved her Fever series. And, because there's time travel to past Scotland, and since Outlander is still my reigning most favorite book of all time, I had to see how this measured up. 

I'd heard a lot of not-so-good things about the first few books in this series. So, I approached Beyond the Highland Mist with much trepidation. And, I'll admit, the first quarter of the book was very touch and go. I didn't immediately like Adrienne, I thought the time travel was kinda hokey and the fae court scenes were just stupid.

But, as Hawk started falling in love with Adrienne and she with him, I actually found myself enjoying the book and looking forward to seeing the characters' fates. I really wanted Hawk and Adrienne to end up together and for Adam Black to get his due.

So, ultimately, after a rough start, it ended up being a bit better than a three-star book, which is better than I expected. It's certainly no Outlander, but it held its own. Heck - if what everyone says is true, and they only get better from here, I anticipate good things from the rest of the books.

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