March 4, 2012

Book #23 - Fire Study (Study #3)

Fire Study (Study #3), Maria Snyder
441 pages
high fantasy
Started 2/26/12
Finished 2/29/12

Notice this book has an extra 50 pages on the first two in the Study series? Let me tell you, those were 50 pages that were not needed. I loved Poison Study and Magic Study. And, while Fire Study did wrap up the loose ends and give me the happy ending I wanted, there was so much extra crap in there, that it sort of went on and on and on about nothing for way too long.

I don't know exactly what it was, but I was less than enamored with this final installment. It didn't hold my interest like the others. Yelena got on my nerves more often than not. And Valek started seeming pretty whipped. Everyone was mopey and boo-hooey. I mean, yes, there were some big baddies out there trying to wreak havoc, rape, pillage and plunder, but there should still be a little comic relief. Ari and Janco were the only bright spots in this book for me.

But, as I said, Yelena did get her happy ending with Valek, she vanquished the bad guys, got to stick it to her arch nemesis, Roze, and the real story behind Cahil and his motives was a bit of an unexpected surprise. So, for those reasons (plus the Power Twins - I'd love to see a book about them from their POV), I will submit that Fire Study was more good than bad, and the Study series as a whole gets a solid 4-star rating in my book.

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