March 21, 2012

Book #30 - Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1)

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1), J. R. Ward
393 pages
Paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Started 3/12/12
Finished 3/13/12

I've been listening to my fellow PNR/UF book lovers sing the praises of the Black Dagger Brotherhood for quite some time now. So, I finally decided to try one out. I mean, so far this year, I've had two false starts, and I didn't really think it could be THAT bad. Right?

So, it finally came in to the library (it took forever - apparently, these BDB books are popular!), and I had my chance. And, well, everything you've heard about the BDB... is TRUE!

Beth is a half-human, half-vampire who doesn't know she's half-and-half. So, Wrath, king of the vampires is dispatched to help her learn all about what she is and all that. Of course he comes with his own baggage which prevents him from getting close to anyone. And, of course, Beth is different somehow and they develop this crazy connection that transcends everything they had experienced or thought they were before. 

So, I know - typical plot points. But, here's the thing. Wrath is broody and cranky and scary. He's tall, dark, handsome and a little insane. And, all that fades away when he sees Beth. That's the kind of love that I love. When these big hunky guys who are cool and sexy and don't care about anyone melt for the girl they love. But, if anyone or anything threatens her, they can instantly turn back into Scary McHunkerson. Wrath and Beth are awesome together - they totally make the story. 

But, there was one other couple that was formed in this book that I loved ALMOST as much as Beth and Wrath. Butch and Vishous have the best bromance going EVER.

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