February 2, 2012

January Book Report

January has come and gone and when I reflect back, I wonder how I did it.

Books Read - 12
Books Read To Date - 12
Total Pages Read - 5,104
Favorite Book of the Month - Clockwork Prince

Picking my favorite book for the month was hard. It was between Clockwork Prince, The Iron Daughter, and The Iron Queen. These three books have several things in common - a wonderfully written world, strong women, loss and heartbreak, and a heart-wrenching love story. They're the reason I read like I do. But, ultimately, it was Will's, Jem's and Tessa's story in Clockwork Prince that kept me up very late at night and thinking about them long after I closed the book.

Many ask me how I find time to do it all - to work full time, take care of my home and family, and read as much as I do. The first answer to that question is rather simple - I read fast. I always have. Sometimes I find myself skimming the little words in between the big words (figuratively), but I still always grasp the meaning between them. It's a gift - what can I say?

I also steal reading time whenever I can - while stirring a pot of spaghetti sauce, folding laundry, or snuggling with the kids while they watch Dora. And, to keep myself from shopping at lunchtime, I stay in my office and read a good book instead. Much easier on my gas tank as well.

And, finally, I tend to stay up way too late more nights than I should.

I just love to read. Books take me places I can never go. Show me things that don't exist. They paint pictures in my head better than the TV ever could. I don't understand people who don't read. What imagination could they have? If you don't read, yet are reading these words, I'm encouraged. Perhaps some of these pithy words will encourage you to open the pages of a world you could only... well, imagine.

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