February 1, 2012

Book #12 - City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments #2)

City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments #2), Cassandra Clare
453 pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Started 1/30/12
Finished 1/31/12

So, the angst continues. I'm getting used to the ick factor in this story and have now realized what a wicked good plot device Clary's and Jace's relationship is. Clare drops hints here and there throughout the book to let the reader know that they really aren't siblings. Thank God. I mean, the incestuousness aside, the love these two have for each other is written to be so real and tangible that every scene with them just rips you apart. They love each other so much, but think there's absolutely no way possible for them to be together. It's awful.

And then there's Simon. Poor guy. He thinks he has a chance with Clary now. But, deep down he knows that her heart belongs to Jace, even if they do share some genes (or so he thinks). But, then Simon gets a little demonized himself and becomes WAY more interesting. You know, upon further reflection, I think this triangle relationship between Jace, Clary and Simon sounds very familiar. Replace Jace with Edward, Clary with Bella and Simon with Jacob (hot badass boy falls for girl with strange ability and pissess off her equally hot BFF who is dorky at first but then turns into a supernatural beast) and you have Twilight. Except, you know, with a main female lead who actually has depth, substance and intrigue. And a really cool, complex plot. Yeah.

After more info dump and more back story, there's yet another showdown at the end where Valentine gets away again. But, you're set up nicely for the third book, where I hope it will finally come out that Jace and Clary can be together without getting arrested. 

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