February 24, 2012

Book #20 - Demonglass (Hex Hall #2)

Demonglass (Hex Hall #2), Rachel Hawkins
359 pages
urban fantasy, paranormal romance
Started 2/21/12
Finished 2/21/12

Yay! A good book! I was starting to feel a little disheartened after the last few books I read didn't really live up to my expectations. But, I enjoyed Demonglass even more than Hex Hall, the first book in the Hex Hall series.

Sophie Mercer, having just found out that the love of her life is one of the bad guys who are trying to kill her, and that she's not really a witch, but a demon instead, which is WAY scarier, meets her dad for the first time in her life (who is also a demon) and finds out she betrothed to the hot campus healer. And, that's all in the first dozen pages or so. Her dad, wanting to not only get to know his daughter but also teach her how to harness and use her power, brings her with him to his mansion in England for the summer.

As much as she tries to remember that she's supposed to hate Archer, she can't - especially when he shows up and saves her life. Again. He tells Sophie how much he loves her, and then in true dramatic fashion, everything goes to crap after that. The book ends in a dramatic cliffhanger. Luckily, the final book in the series, Spellbound, comes out in just a few short weeks.

Rachel Hawkins is good at writing teenagers. They talk like teens, but it's not overdone. It's believable. They do things you'd expect teenagers would do. Many times I have a hard time believing these teen characters are the age their authors portray them as. They walk, talk and act like adults. These kids are different. And, that's refreshing. I can't wait for the final book in the series to come out. It should be a fun ending. 

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