February 20, 2012

Book #18 - Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1)

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1), Simone Elkeles
360 pages
Started 2/18/12
Finished 2/18/12

The strange thing about this book is the lack of any "strangeness" - no werewolves, vampires, faeries, or any other supernatural beings. It doesn't take place in the future or the past either. This is, simply, a boy-meets-girl story set in present-day Chicago. How refreshing.

Alex is a Latino from the wrong side of the tracks (literally!). Brittany is the rich chick who has everything handed to her. Although there's more than meets the eye for both of these kids, they're both burdened by their preconceived notions and the constant buzzing in their ears from their friends and family. Then, they're forced together when they become lab partners in chemistry class (aha! the book title is so clever, isn't it?). As they each catch surprising glimpses into each other's lives, something more than a shared desire for an A in the class forms. Everyone around them has reasons why they can't be together. Heck - even THEY have reasons why they can't be together. But, of course they don't let that stop them, and they fight through the stereotypes, the socioeconomic boundaries, and the objections of everyone around them to find a way to be together.

Let me be clear. This book was very formulaic. It was predictable. It's been done many, many times before. But, dammit, it was a fun book. I might've been able to see the ending a mile away, but I found myself not really giving a crap. Sometimes the predictability of a book isn't as important as whether you're enjoying the ride to the very foreseeable end. And, I sure did. I loved watching the relationship bloom between Alex and Brittany. It was so sweet. And, when they got together in the end, I wanted to cheer for them. Sometimes we all need a guilty pleasure, and for me, this was it. 

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