January 28, 2012

Book #9 - The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3)

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3), Julie Kagawa
358 pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Started 1/23/12
Finished 1/24/12

Julie Kagawa is a genius. I often think I'd love to write a book. But, when I think about what I'd like to write about, the story in my head always sounds very familiar - like I've read that somewhere before. How authors come up with these fantastic worlds and complex characters and I-didn't-see-that-one-coming plot twists is incredible. And, Kagawa has done it again. I bow to her awesomeness.

So, Meghan and Ash don't even have a half hour to relax with each other before they're thrust back in the middle of the war between the Iron Kingdom and the rest of the Nevernever. After being exiled for loving each other, Meghan and Ash are granted a reprieve in exchange for killing the new Iron King, stopping the war and saving the Nevernever - AGAIN. No pressure, right? The same rag tag team of friends get together yet again to fulfill their destiny and come out on top.

And, through it all, the more refreshing part about this book is that Ash is no longer hiding or fighting his feelings for Meghan. everyone knows he loves her and she loves him, so what's the point? They don't even hide it from Puck anymore (poor Puck). I just loved every scene with them together. His chivalrous devotion to Meghan is the stuff of dreams.

But, the end - OH, the end! Talk about ripping my heart out. I feel the need to apologize to the Cumberland County Library System for returning this book slightly tear stained. Meghan becomes the Iron Queen to save the Nevernever, and releases Ash from his vow to protect her in order to save his life. Now, SHE is the one giving up everything to save the man she loves. And, it appears that their love is doomed. But, Ash promises to find a way for them to be together, and the reader has learned that, when Ash promises something, come hell or high water (usually both), he will make it happen. Plus, there is the fact that there's one more book left in this series...

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