January 21, 2012

Book #6 - Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2)

Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2), Cassandra Clare
502 pages
Started 1/16/12
Finished 1/18/12

I read the first Infernal Devices book, Clockwork Angel, last month. It was the first book of its like that I'd ever tried. It was a little steampunk, a little urban fantasy, a little paranormal romance. And, I LOVED IT. So, when Clockwork Prince hit the shelves, I knew I had to have it. I had to follow the continuing stories of Tessa, Jem, and Will.

So, our story begins with Jem still dying, Will still raging and Tessa still brooding. I have a problem, though. Clare is making me love them all. Crap. Crap. Crap. Usually I'm rooting for our heroine to get together with her dream guy and for the third wheel to take a hike. Although the first part of that statement is still very much true, I find myself falling in love with Jem too. THAT is why I loved this book so much.

For me, anyway, a sign of a good book is a raw, angsty feeling. I find myself really caring about the characters and what happens to them. I scream at my book, "NO! Don't say that! You DO love him - just tell him, already!" I laugh. I cry. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about so that I don't feel totally insane. This book has it all. It made me feel and care. I was excited to read it and disappointed when it was over. That's absolutely a five star book in my opinion.

Even if you're not a steampunk fan, take it from a book junkie who knows what she's talking about, and go out and get this book. Like, now. Actually, get both Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince - you won't be sorry.

P.S. Bonus - I get to cross a genre off my list! Squee!!

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