January 8, 2012

Book #4 - Dreamfever (Fever #4)

Dreamfever (Fever #4), Karen Marie Moning
388 pages
Started 1/6/2012
Completed 1/8/2012

Ok. Now we're getting somewhere.

I've seen several places classify the fever series as not simply urban fantasy (UF), but also paranormal romance (PN). Up until this point, I've called BS on the PN bit. Sure, there's been sexual tension in spades. But love/hate (heavier on the "hate) relationship between Mac and Barrons has been a love/hate thing for me too. I mean, I appreciate the author not wanting to hand over the relationship on a silver platter 50 pages into the first book. But, geez louise, making us wait until book #4 for the relationship to move forward was a bit extreme.

But, here we are. When we last saw Mac, she had been gang raped (I know - rough, right?) and was in a reeeeeeeally bad way. Barrons swoops in like a hot knight in black and saves her. He administers his own type of "therapy," and in doing so, shows a side of himself that the reader hasn't seen yet. A side that obviously truly loves Mac. Why he hasn't just come right out and told her this yet is beyond me. I imagine it has to do with his tortured soul, or something. But, Mac comes back from the brink, a new Mac. A dark Mac. Not one I think I like as much, but whatever. As long as she and Barrons get it on for goodness sake (as both willing and competent participants, that is), I'll be satisfied.

And, that ending. Whoa. Glad I had the fifth and final book already on hand. 'Cause, that was a doozy of a cliffhanger. A beginning and ending like that elevated this book above all the others so far in the series.

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