January 6, 2012

Book #3 - Faefever (Fever #3)

Faefever (Fever #3), by Karen Marie Moning
327 pages
Started 1/4/2012
Completed 1/5/2012

More confusion. More of the same. And yet, there was more. Are you as confused as me yet? Yeah.

So, Mac and Barrons continue to hunt for the Book. Sexual tension oozes off the page when they're together. By this time, it's getting to be a bit much. I mean, it's three books in, and these two still seem like they want to kill each other more often than love each other. Perhaps that's what the author is going for. Perhaps if you ramp up the tension and draw it out to ridiculous lengths, when the two finally get together, it will be all that more fulfilling. It is this premise that drives me through these books. I like Mac. I like Barrons. They're fascinating. And, I think I would love them together. Can't wait to see it finally happen.

So, the end. That's the worst. Mac finally seems to be getting stronger. She and Barrons may be on the verge of a relational breakthrough. And then her worst nightmare comes true. She's enslaved by her enemy. And the reader is left hanging. Thank goodness I already had books #4 and #5 on hand. If I had read this book as soon as it had come out, I would've been PO'd. As it is, I'm still PO'd. Just for a different reason.

It's incredibly frustrating to see a character come a certain distance only to see it all go to crap. When Mac was first introduced she was a prissy prom queen. By the end of book #3, she was starting to be a bit of a badass, and about time, too. She was learning about her abilities, and learning how to handle those who wanted to control her. I hate weak characters, especially the females. So, it was fulfilling to see this weak woman slowly turn into a strong one. And, then the end. The end stripped that all away. It makes me wonder what the point was. I guess I'll find out. As I mentioned, I already have book #4 in my possession. But, the author better fix this, or else. Meh. Who am I kidding? I already know that I'm at least in this for the long haul. I'll finish all five books. Hopefully I won't feel like it's been a waste of time at the end.

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