January 30, 2012

Book #10 - The Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4)

The Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4), Julie Kagawa
361 pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Started 1/26/12
Finished 1/27/12

All good things must come to an end, including really, REALLY good books. *sigh* But, it was fun while it lasted.

This book was a bit different from the first three in that it is told from Ash's point of view. All the other Iron Fey books were narrated by Meghan, so we saw the world as it unfolded in front of her eyes. It was refreshing to have a different perspective. It was really cool reading about Ash's thoughts, especially when it came to Meghan and how much he loved her. I didn't think it was possible for me to love this character any more than I did at the end of The Iron Queen - but I did.

I also appreciated the more serious glimpses of Puck that the reader got to see. Puck is King Oberon's court jester - a goofball who hides his feelings and frustrations behind jokes and being a very purposeful pain in the ass. But, there were times during The Iron Knight that Puck dropped all pretenses and showed his heart, which was pure and raw. It was... nice.

As one would expect, our hero and his lady end up together in the end, after he literally goes to the End of the World to be together with her. Talk about the ultimate act of chivalry. It doesn't get any better than this, ladies.

My only complaint - and it's a small one - is that we don't see much of Meghan in this book. I did say that the story being told from Ash's POV was a nice change of pace, and it was. But, I found myself wondering off and on what Meghan was doing/thinking/saying about her new role in the Nevernever. And, she and Ash's big reunion was waaaaaay too short for my liking. I wanted so much more from that scene.

Luckily, I hear that a spin-off series is on its way, taking place 10 or so odd years in the future and centering around Meghan's brother Ethan. Kagawa promises us that we'll see familiar faces. I hope she keeps that promise.

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