November 19, 2014

REVIEW: Not Until you (Loving on the Edge #3.5)

Not Until You (Loving on the Edge #3.5), by Roni Loren
Published November 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: paperback, provided by the publisher
Genre: adult erotic romance
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Rating: 4.5 STARS

(From Goodreads) Cela knows how to be good. She’s had a lifetime of practice. But on the night of her college graduation, she decides she’s earned one wild night before she has to move back home to her overprotective family. So when the hot neighbor she’s been quietly fantasizing about for a year suggests a game of Never Have I Ever, she’s ready. But what starts out as a simple game takes an unexpected turn. Because Ian Foster doesn’t play games he can’t win.

Foster knows his desires aren’t for the faint of heart, especially not for someone as sweet and innocent as his pretty neighbor. But when Cela shows up at his door with an invitation that surprises him, he can’t resist indulging. Cela has no idea what she’s in for. The secret dark side of this man’s need will both intrigue and terrify her. But Cela has a secret of her own—and a new game to see just how far they’re both willing to go, and how much they’re willing to risk by crossing every boundary of desire.

I violated my own MO when it came to Not Until You. I had never read a book by Roni Loren before this one. Yes, I know it's #3.5, and therefore, right in the middle of the series. I don't usually do that. I'm very anal about reading series in order. But, the description of Not Until You, coupled with recommendations from my good friend Hannah, compelled me to break out of my mold and read it now. 

In Not Until you, Cela is on the cusp of starting her new career and moving on with her life past college. She's appalled when she realizes that in the entire time she was in college, and then veterinary school, she hasn't really experienced that life to the fullest, and it irks her. That desire to experience a thrill compels her to knock on her neighbor's door and ask the two completely gorgeous guys that live there if they want to help her celebrate her graduation. That starts a whirlwind romance with Ian Foster, a man Cela knows nothing about, but is willing to learn. 

Foster and Pike were so... compelling. And so different from one another. Foster is broody and stoic and professional. Pike is wild, crazy and fun. They are complete opposites, and it makes me wonder how they became BFFs in the first place (maybe I should read one of the first three books in the series, huh?). Despite the differences in their personalities, they complement each other well. They seemed to know just what the other was thinking, when to back off and when to help. 

That came in handy when Cela entered the picture. The intention was for a single night of super hot fun. And the three of them absolutely had that. Until Foster asks Pike for the rest of the night alone with her, and Foster discovers a secret about Cela that makes her even more intriguing to him. Suddenly, Foster can't stay away from her, no matter what he thinks he SHOULD do. 

Cela's sort of in the same headspace. She wanted one night with her hot neighbors, but that one night caused her to develop feelings for Foster that she didn't expect. She found out things about him and he found out things about her that connected them to each other, despite their desire to follow their lives trajectories in the opposite directions. Cela is to join her overbearing father in his veterinary practice in a town a few hours away. Foster is to continue his job as a part owner of a kinky sex club. 

But, Cela and Foster find their solace in each other, very unexpectedly. It completely unsettles them - especially Foster. They both find themselves doing things completely out of character. Foster is softer and more romantic, despite his slightly deviant side. Cela is wild, kinky and unpredictable, despite having been raised to be the stable and responsible one. I loved watching both of them test their new boundaries with each other and learn the relationship ropes together. They screw up, they make up, and then they screw up again. It's sweet and awesome. 

I loved how Cela and Foster's bedrooms were on the opposite sides of one wall. How they could hear each other in their rooms and know whether they were walking around, sleeping or doing other things with other people (before they got together, of course). It lent this tender and personal facet to their story that I thought was pretty important. 

My first foray into Roni Loren's work proved to be super crazy hot and so entertaining. I think now is a good time to go back and catch up on the rest of the books in this awesome series. I did spoil myself on a few of the couples featured in Not Until You, but it's all good. For some reason, I don't really mind. 

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