November 21, 2014

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Primal Law (Alpha Pack #1)

Primal Law (Alpha Pack #1), by J.D. Tyler
Published August 2, 2011
Publisher: NAL
Format: audiobook, gifted
Genre: adult paranormal romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads) Founded by a group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers tasked with eliminating the most dangerous predators in the world. But the gift of their abilities comes at a price…

After a massacre decimates half his team and leaves him crippled, Jaxon Law must relearn how to fight—and battle the anger and guilt threatening to overwhelm him. But when he rescues a beautiful woman who reawakens his primal instincts, Jax is unprepared for the dangers that lie ahead.

On the run from her employer, brilliant lab assistant Kira Locke has evidence that leads the Alpha Pack on a hunt for someone targeting human civilians with Psy abilities. And as Jax and Kira circle both the killer and each other, Jax will have to decide if the deep connection he feels with Kira is worth breaking the ultimate shifter rule—because bonding with Kira means putting his abilities at risk, and they might be the only tools he has to keep his mate alive…

OMG, it's been way too long since I've read a good, classic-style paranormal romance. I've had the audio version of Primal Law on my iPod for months now, and after I finished the book prior to it, and was scrolling through my choices, this book really stood out. All of a sudden, I absolutely HAD to listen to it. Decision made. 

In Primal Law, we are introduced to the Alpha Pack, a group of shifters that used to be Navy SEALS. Each member of the team has an extra special ability outside of the fact that they can shift into wolves. These abilities come in handy when on missions - or when trying to save a damsel in distress, as Jaxon Law does in Las Vegas one night. He is inexplicably drawn to the woman he saves - Kira. In between trying to get a handle on these new feelings for her, he and his team are compelled to learn more about Kira's former employer and the nasty human experiments they are conducting. 

This book was exactly what I needed. Who doesn't love a good book about a bunch of hunky shifters, right? The Alpha Pack was the best part about Primal Law, hands down. I was thrilled when I thought it was just five or six guys who can change into massive wolves. But, J.D. Tyler surprised me by adding extra powers on top of that. Like, one of the guys can call up fire with his hands. Another can see glimpses of the future. And Jaxon can even rewind time. I loved this unique twist on your run-of-the-mill werewolves. 

Did I mention that the shifters aren't the only supernatural creatures in this world? Oh no. There are lots them in Primal Law, and I love that even the characters in the story don't know all about them or what all is out there in the world. It's like, they are discovering these races along with the reader, so that was pretty cool. We became most familiar with a fae prince, a gremlin and a sorcerer. And, the way that they were all introduced to the storyline was creative and fit in with the rest of the story. 

Kira was the token human in the story. She's ballsy and smart and pretty much fearless. She has a very tender heart too, which causes Jax a lot of stress since she's always putting herself in danger to help someone else. I also liked that Kira questioned everything and didn't accept it at face value just because someone told her to. 

Jax is the extra broody member of the Alpha Pack. He has a lot on his conscience. A mission gone bad weighs on him still, six months after the fact. He feels like it was his fault, and to make matters worse, he still sports an injury that sometimes hampers his ability to walk or run. But, when he meets Kira, everything changes. He fights it - I mean, he's a virile, independent man. He wasn't prepared to be shackled with a mate. But, once he gives in to it, he changes, at least toward Kira. One of my favorite parts of the books about shifters is their uber protective nature when it comes to their mates. It's SO swoon-worthy. Jax was no different. I loved how grumbly he got when other males got too touchy feely with Kira. I loved how he tried to keep her from charging into danger, and how on alert he was when he couldn't convince her to stay home. 

Jax's and Kira's relationship was sweet and sexy. I liked that Primal Law was a dual POV book, too. Jax's perspective on everything that went on between the two of them was interesting and enlightening. He and Kira were great together. 

I really liked the audio version. Kirsten Potter was a new narrator to me, and I thought she did a fantastic job. I'll definitely be checking out her other work. 

Speaking of, things were set up nicely to bring you into the second book in the series. I've already added it to my Audible wishlist. So, the next time I get a hankering for a good shifter book, I'll be ready.  

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