November 5, 2014

RELEASE DAY REVIEW: First Position (Dirty Dancing #1)

First Position (Dirty Dancing #1), by Melody Grace
Published November 5, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Format: e-book, obtained from the author
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon  * iBooks

Rating: 4.5 STARS

(Synopsis) A man dances the same way he fucks. His stamina, his rhythm, the slow grind of his hips. Some people are born to it, others learn through years of careful study.

And dancers? We do it best of all.

The moment I saw her, I knew. Her innocence is intoxicating. My lust is fierce. Primal. To watch her dance is to know the torment of true temptation.

She will be mine.

I've always been a sucker for those dance movies. Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Save the Last Dance... my perfect day is one where I can binge myself on all of them, one after the other, with some Moose Tracks on my lap and my house empty except for me. So, a series like this, written by one of my favorite new adult authors. Um, hello, no brainer.

First Position reminds me a little of Save the Last Dance. Annalise is a ballet dancer being pushed to the limits by her former prima ballarina mother. She has one last shot to please her mother with a dance company in Rome, but she has to work constantly and follow every one of the very strict rules. Although Annalise is starting to question her desire to continue, everything is still going according to plan until she happens upon some street dancers. Their freedom captivates her and one dancer in particular especially catches her eye. This starts a burning inside her that she can no longer ignore. All of a sudden, Annalise finds herself breaking rules in order to see him. Is he worth throwing everything she's ever worked for away?

First Position is told mostly from Annalise's POV, with small portions here and there told from Raphael's POV. I thought it was a nice combination. It is, afterall, Annalise's story. But, I really, really enjoyed being in hottie Raphael's head. It's a beautiful place to be.

Annalise's and Raphael's connection is pretty insta-lovey, but I didn't find myself minding it too much. Perhaps it was the exotic locale, or maybe it was the dancing backdrop. But, the connection between these two was instantaneous and powerful. I loved it.

Annalise's life kind of sucks, and I felt so badly for her. Her mom doesn't seem to care about her as a mother should care for a daughter. Annalise is simply a means to an end. The pressure that Annalise's mom has put on her sickens me. Annalise is terrified when she's treated to gelato by Raphael because she's not supposed to have the calories. She's 19, and has to sneak out once it's dark to go to a party. Annalise has a real connection with this guy that goes beyond their mutual love and appreciation for dance, and she's terrified to explore it for fear she will disappoint her mother and ruin her potential earning potential as a dancer.

First Position is the first of three parts, all of which will come together to make up an entire book. This first part ends pretty dramatically and on a bit of a cliffhanger. I guarantee you will want to keep reading. I know I do. And, luckily, the second installment is only a week away. Hold tight, everyone. I have a feeling there's still lots in store for Annalise and Raphael. 





About Melody Grace 

melody grace
Melody Grace is the New York Times bestselling author of the Beachwood Bay series. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach lover, after spending her life with her nose in a book, she decided it was time she wrote one herself. She loves steamy romance novels, happily-ever-afters, and lusting after fictional menfolk. She is author of USA Today & international bestselling Beachwood Bay series.

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