June 21, 2013

COVER LOVING: The King, Into The Still Blue and Before Jamaica Lane

Just this week I've seen three new covers from three of my favorite series, and I'm just beside myself with all the gorgeousness. You ready for this?

1. The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12), by J. R. Ward

I know. Shut. Up. Although that's not exactly how I pictured Wrath, I still think this cover is so powerful and dominating - just like Wrath. I am so deliriously excited for The King to come out (and, we have such a long time to wait!). And, I think it's just going to keep getting better and better, too, because I hear through the blogosphere that the book that The Warden is working on now (#13) is going to be about... wait for it... Rhage and Mary. I KNOW!!

And, is it just me, or does he not look a lot like Alexander Skarsgard??

2. Into The Still Blue (Under the Never Sky #3), by Veronica Rossi

The Under the Never Sky series is my most favorite dystopian series of all time. I like it better than The Hunger Games. Better than Divergent. I think this world that the incredible Veronica Rossi has created is so alive and vibrant and scary and beautiful. And, Perry, Aria and Roar have completely captivated me and stolen my heart. Under The Never Sky's cover featured Aria, and for good reason. It was really her story of how she came out of her pod-created shell and really came alive. Through The Ever Night's cover showcased Perry, and as expected, it was all about how he took charge of his life for the first time ever and became the leader he was born to be. The fact that both Perry and Aria are on the cover of Into The Still Blue is very telling, isn't it?

I'm super sad to see this series end but super excited to see how they get Into The Still Blue.

3. Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3), by Samantha Young

On the heels of the release of Down London Road (On Dublin Street #2) last month, Samantha Young just released the cover for Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3) yesterday. The characters featured on the cover are Olivia and Nate, a couple who were introduced in Down London Road. One of the things about Samantha Young's books that I've loved so far is that characters are not forgotten when the story moves to a new couple. We saw lots of Joss and Braden in book #2. I expect to see plenty of Jo and Cam in Before Jamaica Lane - especially since Nate is Cam's BFF and Olivia is Jo's cousin. I can't wait to read their story!

So, now it's your turn! What do you think? Any new covers you've seen lately that have captivated you? I'm a total cover whore, so tell me about them!


Anna said...

I am so excited about all of these,especially Into the Still Blue!
I agree about the picture of Wrath looking like Alexander. lol!

LRAtRandom said...

Better than Divergent and Hunger games? I'm thinking I should read the series sooner rather than later!

Unknown said...

^^ Shocked! Better than Divergent?? Ok so maybe I need to move it up too? Buddy read at some point Jen?

I love this post Krista. Thats not how I picture Wrath either but I still like the cover :-)

Anna said...

See I liked Never Sky better than Hunger Games (just wasn't a big fan of books 2 and 3), but I'm not so sure about Divergent. Hehe.

Yes! Wendy and Jen, you've gotta read Under the Never Sky. :)

LRAtRandom said...

Glad I came back to check comments. A buddy read sounds great Wendy.