September 12, 2012

Book #96 - Torment (Fallen #2)

Torment (Fallen #2), Lauren Kate
452 pages
paranormal romance
Started 8/23/12
Finished 9/2/12

Have you ever read a book, and not loved it, but didn't have a good reason why? You couldn't point to a crappy character or a boring plot line or any other number of things that go wrong with books from time to time. It just doesn't grab you, for whatever reason.

So, in Torment, Luce has started a new school - Shoreline - on the California coast. It's a very highbrow school for well-to-do kids, as well as the children of angels and mortals. Daniel plants Luce there because her life is in danger, and this is a good place to hide her from their enemies until he can come up with something else. Being away from Daniel is torture, but Luce finds herself learning about things she can do and making friends.

Her moments of fun and clarity are, however, few and far between as she struggles with the separation from Daniel and her frustration over her continued ignorance about their curse and what it all means.

Let's start with the things I LIKED about Torment. I liked Shelby and Miles. They were a welcome introduction to our cast of characters. And Miles was a fun distraction for Luce. I also liked the scenery that was Shoreline. The backdrop was interesting and Lauren Kate painted it beautifully. And, that Thanksgiving dinner at the end was hilarious. In such a serious, heavy book, it was a welcome change - it made me laugh in places, which was unexpected.

And, now for the less than stellar parts of Torment. Luce and Daniel drove me frickin' nuts. When they were apart, Luce pined for him to the point that I got so utterly sick of hearing about it. Then, when Daniel showed up, it was the same thing every time - "I love you. I adore you. Tell me stuff. You won't? Ok, then. I'm mad at you. Go away." Again and again and again. It was exhausting. And annoying.

Torment was a very ping-pongy book for me. One moment I'd be enjoying the book, and the next moment, I'd be irritated. Then, I'd be back to enjoying it again. It was very confusing. It was those enjoyable parts, though, that has drawn me forward. I mean, I've read two of the four books in the Fallen series now. I want to see those two crazy kids end up together and happy. So, onward and upward.

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