September 20, 2012

Book #101 - Deity (Covenant #3)

Diety (Covenant #3), Jennifer L. Armentrout
360 pages
ARC - release date November 6, 2012
paranormal romance
Started 9/11/12
Finished 9/12/12

First of all, I want to send a big shout-out to my girl Kay from K-Books, without whom, the reading of this fan-freaking-tastic book wouldn't have been possible. At least right now. I would've had to wait until November like most of the rest of the world. Which would've been torture. So, thanks, Kay.  

It's been a little over a week since I finished Deity, and I'm still wallowing in my post-amazing-book funk, so forgive me if this review makes no sense. Jennifer Armentrout has, once again, reduced me to a pile of ooze from the epicness that was this book.

The best thing about Deity is that it didn't succumb to "middle book boredom." In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. You know how the first book in a series is exciting because you meet all the players and the world they live in and the problems they're facing? And, the last book is exciting, because it's the final battle and the wrap-up of all the loose ends. And, sometimes (ok, many times) the middle book (or books if it's longer than a trilogy) is just kinda "meh." It's only the bridge to carry you from the first book to the last.

Yeeeeaaaahh. That's SO not Deity.

The action and epic revelations start a dozen or so pages in, and from there, it builds and builds until, in classic JLA fashion, you're left hanging with a big WTH???? at the end. So many questions and so many problems were resolved that, as a fan, I was unbelievably satisfied and happy. And, yet, so many new questions and problems were created as the situations unfolded that I'm left bereft and wondering how on Earth I can ever wait until next spring to find out what happens next.

All the characters, who all had so much life even before Deity, are so much more vibrant and colorful now. Even the supporting characters like Lea, Luke, Deacon and Marcus elicited strong reactions and emotions from me. And, the main three - Alex, Seth and Aiden - I just can't say enough about how incredible they are. Alex is as strong, kick-ass, and vulnerable as ever. Seth makes me feel more stabby than any other character I've ever read about. And Aiden. Well, he is so yummy, I could eat him with a spoon. 

No - Deity was anything BUT boring. Even though it is technically a "filler" book, it is integral to the overall story arc and really amazing all on its own. I just don't even see how Deity could be topped. Best book of the year for me.

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Kayleigh @ K-Books said...

So glad you loved. It's amazing isn't it?