May 13, 2012

Book #53 - Pure (Convenant #2)

Pure (Covenant #2), Jennifer L. Armentrout
329 pages
paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Started 5/2/12
Finished 5/4/12

As soon as I finished Half-Blood, I had to immediately start Pure. I was really feeling invested in these characters lives, and I really wanted to see what happened next. And, by the way, aren't the covers of these books beautiful?

It's time for Alex to stand up and make some decisions. Some major choices about her life. After the explosive and emotional end to Half-Blood, she is still in limbo in many ways. She doesn't seem to know how to properly deal with her mother's death. She doesn't quite know what to make of her relationship with Seth. And, she's more in love with Aiden than ever. But, the rules haven't changed - having a relationship with him makes her into either a brainless servant at best; dead at worst. So, what does she do?

Thankfully, Alex does take some semblance of control of her life. Albeit, her hand was sort of forced to make a few of those tough choices. But, she makes them and starts to move on. Alex really is such a strong character. In the face of some really awful circumstances and some impossible situations, she tries to take the high road and save as many of those she loves as possible. Her love for Aiden is true and heartbreaking. And, the friendships she forms are real, believable and fulfilling. 

My most favorite books are those that feature impossible situations. We, as readers, trust that the author will somehow, someway, make the impossible, possible. But, the ride - the trip to the possible - is the most fun part of reading.

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