May 7, 2012

April Book Report

This was a month for love! I completed two installments of one of my favorite series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, plus all three Fifty Shades books in April.

Books Read - 12
Books Read To Date - 51
Total Pages Read - 19,948
Favorite Book of the Month - Fifty Shades Darker

I read several books that I deemed were 5-star-worthy this month, but one stood out as more 5-stary than the rest. The entire Fifty Shades series absolutely blew me away. I'll try to spare you from all the gushing (I'm sure you got enough of that in my reviews for each book) again. But, of all the books I've ever read, these three are among the best. And, of the three in the series, the middle book, Fifty Shades Darker, is my favorite. So much is revealed and accomplished. I laughed. I cried. I swore. Ahhh. THAT is good literature.  

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