December 29, 2016


I sometimes hesitate to join a reading challenge. I tend to read what I feel like reading, and don't want to feel pressured into reading something else just so that I can check a box.


Adult contemporary romance has been my go-to genre for a few years now. I really do love them, and I admit that they will probably continue to be my bread and butter. But, there are other genres that I've dabbled in or genres that I used to read a lot of but got away from them. I'd like to make time in my reading schedule for those books, and I think a challenge is the perfect way to give me that nudge. So, here are the 2017 reading challenges I've accepted...

Level: Visountess (6-15 books)

I'm a current Avon Addicts member. Avon publishes a lot of different romance genres, and many of my favorite authors - Laura Kaye, Jeaniene Frost, Megan Erickson, Jamie Shaw - have books already published by them or planned to be published by them in 2017. But, let's face it - Avon is probably best known for its historical romances, and they have some powerhouse authors with them like Lisa Kleypas, Sarah Maclean and Tessa Dare. I haven't read many historical romances, but the ones I have read I liked. I have a ton of paperbacks on my shelf that will fit perfectly with this challenge, so I'm eager to get started! To sign up for this challenge too, visit I Heart Romance & YA.

My Personal Level: 10 books

YA used to be all I read, and of the YA that I read it was all either fantasy or paranormal. As I've gotten older, I've fallen away from YA, and that makes me sad. It hasn't stopped me from buying the books - my YA shelf is just as big as my romance shelf. I just never get around to reading all those beautiful books I've collected. I read five or six really amazing YA fantasy books in 2016 (can anyone say The Winner's Trilogy??), and there are a bunch on my radar for 2017. If you want to sign up for this challenge too, visit either Alexa Loves Books or Hello, Chelly.

Level: Grand Slam (21+ books)

I know, I know - this is cheating. Since already 90% of the books I read fall into the contemporary romance category (and I read 250 books in 2016), this one really is not a challenge. However, I linked up with this one so that I could participate in the monthly wrap-ups and see what everyone else is reading. That is the other part of joining up with these challenges that appeals to me - seeing how everyone else is doing and what they've been reading. This year, the challenge is hosted by Andi's ABCs

Level: Marathoner (Look Ma, No Hands) (50+ books)

This is the one challenge that is a repeat for me. In fact, this will be the third year I've participated in the Audiobook Challenge. I've discovered that audiobooks make chores like exercising, folding laundry and grocery shopping a lot more pleasant. I even listen to a book when I go to the dentist. It seriously helps so much! I barely got past the 50 audiobook line in 2016, having listened to 52. So, we'll go for it again, and see what happens. If you're an audiobook lover or always wanted to try them, but were afraid you wouldn't like them, this is a great way to push you. Link up with the challenge at either Caffeinated Book Reviewer or Hot Listens.

Do none of these challenges inspire you? Are you looking for something different? I found this awesome compilation of many of the 2017 reading challenges. Many thanks to for putting it together!

So, what do you think about reading challenges? Do you do them? Are there any others you think I should link up with?


Anonymous said...

Great list! I can't believe the amount of audiobooks you're going for - very impressive. Good luck :)

Zeee @ I Heart Romance said...

We do need to read more Historical Romances and Avon is indeed known for theirs! That was pretty much the only reason I wanted to join AA :) But I am now loving other genres, too!

Thanks for participating in the HRReading Challenge! :)

MoodReaderDiary said...

I also signed up for the Historical Romance Reading Challenge! I've been so lax on historicals lately and I'm excited to get back into them!

Unknown said...

I love challenges, I signed up for a bunch this year. No more sitting on the sidelines this time.

Good luck and have fun! :D