December 23, 2016

EARLY REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Satisfaction (Lawless #2)

Satisfaction (Lawless #2), by Lexi Blake
Publish Date:
January 3, 2017
Publisher: self-published
Format: ARC, provided by the publisher
Genre: adult contemporary romance
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Rating: 5 STARS

(Synopsis) Brandon Lawless is a man on a mission: obtain the information that will clear his father’s name. He’s willing to do whatever it takes—even seduce his enemy’s personal assistant, the beautiful and innocent Carly Hendricks. But with her beguiling smile and captivating intelligence, Brandon soon realizes he doesn’t want to deceive Carly, he wants to win her over—both in the boardroom and the bedroom. 

Then a twisted crime leaves Carly vulnerable and Brandon finds himself reeling. The stakes of his mission are now life or death—Carly’s life. And Brandon realizes he’s lost his heart to an amazing woman and his plan must succeed, because the stakes are no longer just revenge, but a once in a lifetime love.

OMG, this book was CRAZY! I love where Lexi Blake is going with this story and these siblings, and based on what I've seen so far, I'm guessing the final book is going to blow my mind. 

Satisfaction focuses on the youngest Lawless sibling. There's no doubt that Brandon got the short end of the stick when his parents were murdered and the four kids ended up in the system. Being the youngest, he spent the most time in foster care. It was a long time until his oldest brother Drew came for him, and Brandon's been harboring a lot of feels over that. 

After seeing how Ellie felt after everyone lied to her in Ruthless, Brandon was determined to not go down the same path, even if that meant giving up the vendetta they all have been nursing for the past decade. When Drew set his sights on the assistant to their next target, Carly Hendricks, Brandon steps in and takes over. And tells her the truth. He trusts a stranger to do what's right. 

Carly doesn't know what to think when Brandon comes to her and lays his cards on the table. She knew her boss was a horrific person, but she had no idea the depth her sins go. And now she has even more incentive to take her down. She wants to help Brandon and his siblings right the wrongs done to them when they were kids. And if Brandon can help her out of a jam created by her horrible ex-husband, then that's even better for her.

Although Carly is determined to resist Brandon's charms and focus on what needs to be done, he proves impossible to ignore. She doesn't get it - doesn't understand why he finds her so special or interesting. But, she knows there's definitely something about him that compels her to help him, despite his claim that he can't love anyone or that he's too damaged by what happened to him when he was young.

Like in Ruthless, there's a lot revealed regarding what happened to their parents, and it's far more interesting than you ever imagined. The ending was incredible and fulfilling and completely shocking. I love Lexi Blake's writing and how it builds upon events in each chapter and each book. The wait for the final book will be so hard, based on the new revelations and the fact that stoic Drew will finally get the girl. I can't wait.

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