January 26, 2015

NEW ADULT MONDAYS: Tall, Tatted and Tempting

The New Adult genre - their bad boys and big problems and epic loves make them engrossing tales that are so easy to lose yourself in. What's not to love about that? And, now, thanks to the cool chicks at Bewitched Bookworms, we can show these books the love they deserve in a weekly feature - New Adult Mondays.

Tall, Tatted and Tempting (The Reed Brothers #1), by Tammy Faulkner
Published June 17, 2013
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Format: e-book, purchased
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5 STARS

(From Goodreads) She’s locked up tight. But he might be the key.

Logan Reed is tall, tatted and tempting. Kit’s a woman with a mean right hook and a secret.

Kit wants a tattoo, but Logan sees more than she intends to share in the drawing of the tat she wants. He sees her in ways no one ever has.

Logan’s not disabled; but he hasn’t spoken in eight years. He hasn’t needed to. Until he meets Kit.

Logan doesn’t know everything about Kit. Kit doesn’t know anything about herself, until she has to sacrifice all she ever wanted to save what’s most important to him.

Sweet baby Jesus. I think I've met my favorite new adult couple ever. It is so rare for me to read a book and not want to throttle one of the MCs (usually the girl, if I'm going to be honest) at least once during the course of the book. Not here. And, don't take that to mean that there's very little drama. There's plenty of that. Intrigued? Want to know more? Read on, my friend.

Logan sees Kit and wants her immediately when she walks into his tattoo shop. Her reaction to his advances intrigues him more than it should, and he finds himself seeking her out and offering his help when it's clear she needs it. But, Kit is hiding something, and the more Logan gets to know her, the more he wants her to trust him with all her secrets. When she does that, though, it could tear them apart. 

Can I just tell you how much I loved the first meeting of Logan and Kit? So, she walks into his tattoo parlor wanting a tat. He thinks she's hot and touches her in a slightly inappropriate place. Now, whenever I read about this happening in books, the girl always shivers and gets all hot and lustful. Really? A strange (albeit hot) dude touches your chest without your permission, and you're cool with that? Kit decks him. In the face. It was awesome. 

So, Kit is very self-sufficient. She has to be since she lives on the streets and plays her guitar for quarters. There's a story there that is slowly brought to the front. She has a family, but why she's separated from them isn't known until the end. Suffice it to say, Kit is completely awesome and amazing. I love everything about her. She never leads Logan on. She tries so hard to keep on an even level with him. She's so brave to leave everything she has behind and live on the streets rather than compromising her morals and convictions. Kit is my hero. 

And Logan. Wow. He's been deaf since he was young, so he's had to fight an uphill battle just to be like everyone else. He can talk, but refuses to do so. His brothers are his life since his parents are dead. He would do anything for them. Matthew is very sick and so Logan and his brothers work their tails off to earn enough money to afford his treatments. Logan is a provider and a caretaker, which is why, when he sees Kit panhandling in the subway with her guitar, those instincts kick in with her too, and he just can't leave her alone. 

Never once during this book did I become irritated or annoyed with either Logan or Kit, which I have to say, is a very rare thing. Characters in books are always doing stupid things, right? For once, these two did everything right. That's not to say there was no drama or problems to overcome. Particularly at the end when Kit is faced with a near impossible choice. I was riveted to the pages, even when I knew what her plans were. The full repercussions of her choices are not realized in this book. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I was so taken with this couple and the side characters that I immediately purchased book 2 and continued reading. Safe to say, I'm hooked on the Reed Brothers. 


LRAtRandom said...

I'm trying to decide if this would be one I'd like. What do you think? It's free on Amazon right now so I one clicked it. Now I just have to decide to read or not to read.

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