January 5, 2015

NEW ADULT MONDAYS: Contradictions (Woodfall Girls #3)

The New Adult genre - their bad boys and big problems and epic loves make them engrossing tales that are so easy to lose yourself in. What's not to love about that? And, now, thanks to the cool chicks at Bewitched Bookworms, we can show these books the love they deserve in a weekly feature - New Adult Mondays.

Contradictions (Woodfall Girls #3), by Tiffany King
To Be Published January 6, 2015
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: paperback, provided by the publisher
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads)  When everything starts spinning out of control . . .

Three years into college, Tressa Oliver’s life is a nonstop party. She’s skating by in her classes, and there’s no shortage of drinking, dancing, and general hell-raising. The only aspect that hasn’t been much fun: She can’t shake the toxic jerks that always seem to gravitate toward her.

It will take someone totally wrong . . .

Trent Lawson is the classic anti-bad boy: smart, boring, and way too serious. To a wild girl like Tressa, there’s no way in hell they’re compatible—especially since Trent seems to see straight through her defenses.

To set her right.

When a college prank goes terribly wrong, Tressa starts to suspect that her partying ways are leading nowhere fast. Now she has to turn to the last person she ever thought she’d ask for help—and quickly discovers that there’s more to Trent than meets the eye . . .

CONTRADICTIONS finally gives us a chance to see into snarky Tressa's life of parties and good times, and as you would expect, it turns out to not be as fun as she makes it seem. 

Tressa is happy coasting by in school by the seat of her pants. As long as she scores an invite to the latest big party, that's all that matters. Until that's not all that matters anymore. Her grades are in the toilet and in order to remain at school, she needs to fix them but she has no idea how. Enter Trent James, hot geek and wonder student extraordinaire. He rubs Tressa in all the wrong ways, which doesn't make her too accepting of his help. But, she's desperate for his help and he's desperate to get close to the girl he's had a crush on for forever. 

I love it when books focus on the super smart guys. And, I love it when authors make the super smart guys super sexy too. The hot, ripped ones don't all come in a bad boy package. Or look like a jock. Sometimes, the guys with the brains and very little experience can be drop dead gorgeous with 8-pack abs too. They're just hidden behind glasses and a Batman t-shirt. 

Tressa had some preconceived notions like most other girls do. It wasn't until she stopped looking at what Trent lacked and started noticing all the things he had going for him did she notice that there was a lot more underneath his Clark Kent glasses and superhero t-shirts than she first realized. Trent was quiet and introverted. When peers poked fun at him, he acted like he didn't even get it. Admittedly, he was an easy target. Trent is wicked smart and doesn't have a ton of experience with girls. Since he's also from Woodfalls like Tressa, she feels unexplainably protective of him, despite how much he irritates her. 

Trent and Tressa are both studies in how people can have two different sides. Tressa is a party girl who likes to drink and be wild and skip classes. When extreme circumstances cause her to take a close look at what she's doing, she makes a real effort to bring out the other side of her - the side that wanted to go to college in the first place. She's still goofy, abrasive, fun-loving Tressa, but she doesn't need to party all the time and sees the merit in studying to better herself. 

Trent is seen as only a brain. But, as Tressa allows herself to get to know him better, she finds out he likes good music, good food, and can kill it in a poker game. And, this boy has some sexy moves. He's sweet and attentive and so hot. Trent was definitely surprising in all the best ways. 

Contradictions was told entirely from Tressa's POV, and in this case, I get it. There was a lot going on with her, between the drama with her roommates who don't understand her changed ways, and her tanking school career and her mixed up feelings for Trent. There was decidedly little drama, which was both a welcome change, and a bit of a downer. Sometimes a little bit of drama is a good thing. 
I have really enjoyed Tiffany King's Woodfall Girls series. I'm not sure if she plans any additional books in the series, but if she does, I'll read them. They're quick and light and sometimes they are just what I need. 

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