October 31, 2013

Netgalley November Starts TOMORROW!

I know how valuable NetGalley and Edelweiss are to we bloggers. They make it so much easier for publishers to share galleys of their upcoming and recently released titles, and easier for us to receive them and review them.

Sometimes, I think it’s a little TOO easy.

I tend to get a little… um… carried away. I see all the shiny, pretties and I WANT THEM ALL. So, I get a little click-happy, then a little giddy when I get the approval e-mails, then reality sets in. Oh. Crap. Now I need to be a good blogger and do what I promised I’d do and read them all, preferably before their release date.

The likelihood of you getting approved for books on these sites depends on a few things. Of course, your tenure as a blogger is part of it, as well as your current stats. Another factor is your feedback-to-approval ratio. It’s ideal to keep that ratio at a minimum of 80%. I’m currently sitting at 57.8%. Not good, Krista. Not good.

So, I was eager to sign up for NetGalley November, sponsored by Kayleigh from K-Books; Faye from A Daydreamer’s Thoughts; and Laura from Bookish Treasures, in the hopes that it will encourage me to clear out my NetGalley TBR pile and get up to that coveted 80%.

I currently have to read a minimum of 10 books to reach 80% on NetGalley. I’m going to start with the books releasing in November first, followed by a few older books that were released this past summer/fall. My goal books are:

The Edge of Always, by J.A. Redmerski – release date 11/5/13
Pawn, by Aimee Carter – release date 11/26/13
Crash Into You, by Katie McGarry – release date 11/26/13
The Temptation of Lila and Ethan, by Jessica Sorensen – release date 10/22/13
Hard to Handle, by Jessica Lemmon – release date 10/1/13
Can’t Let Go, by Jessica Lemmon – release date 9/3/13
The Bet, by Rachel Van Dyken – release date 6/25/13
The Wager, by Rachel Van Dyken – release date 10/1/13
Twisted, by K.A. Robinson – release date 5/7/13
Breaking Nova, by Jessica Sorensen – release date 9/3/13

I also have three books on deck from Edelweiss that I’d like to knock out during this challenge:

Foreplay, by Sophie Jordan – release date 11/5/13
How To Run With a Naked Werewolf, by Molly Harper – release date 12/31/13
Rome, by Jay Crownover – release date 1/7/14

I’ll check in with you each Friday in November to let you know how I’m doing. Wish me luck!


Anna said...

You can do it, Krista!

Ciska said...

Netgalley is the devil!! Hope you will manage to read all the books! Good luck

Krista said...

IKR?! It's a wonderfully addictive resource for sure!

Krista said...

Thanks, Anna Sweetie!

Faye (Daydreaming_Star) said...

Good luck with all your goals Krista! You've got some interesting books to read and I hope this event helps to make your stats higher!
Thanks for joining the event!

Faye :)

Unknown said...

Like you I have a plan to start with most recent titles and work backwards.
I would love to get my percentage up to 80%. Since the % has appeared on my profile I am getting far fewer book approvals. For the purposes of this challenge I am going to aim for 8 books and hope that that has a positive enough effect on my rating that I start getting more approvals.Hopefully this time I will keep a better control over my TBR