October 18, 2013


Wish I May (New Hope #2), by Lexi Ryan
Published October 4, 2013
Publisher: Ever After LLC
Format: e-book, obtained from the Inkslinger PR and the author in exchange for an honest review
Genre:  new adult contemporary romance
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Rating:  4.5 STARS

(From Goodreads) I grew up wishing on stars.

My father taught me to believe…in destiny, in magic, in happily ever after. Dreams were my scripture and the starry night sky was my temple. Then Mom stopped believing, left him, and took us with her. At the age of sixteen, I cashed in my dreams to pay the rent, pawned my destiny to keep my sisters together.

Now, seven years later, I’m returning home, grieving the death of my mother, and settling my sisters back into the life Mom threw away. I never intended to stay. I don’t want to deal with my father, who is so invested in the spiritual world he forgets the physical. I don’t want to face William Bailey, whose eyes remind me of the girl I was, the things I’ve done, and the future I lost.

This would all be easier if Will hated me. As it is, I have to hold my secrets close so they won’t hurt him more than they’ve already hurt me. But he wants to be in my life. He wants what I can’t bring myself to confess I sold. He wants me.

I find myself looking to my stars again...wondering if I dare one more wish.

I had started thinking that, in William Bailey's case, nice guys DID finish last. In Unbreak Me (New Hope #1), the poor guy experienced not one but two failed relationships. He was such a sweet guy, but he just got dumped on - I felt so badly for him. I was so excited to find out that the second New Hope book was about him - that perhaps this nice guy would get his HEA after all. 

In Wish I May (New Hope #2), Cally and Will were in love as teens, but then she moved away and dropped him like a bad habit. Seven years later, Cally is back in town after her mom dies in order to get her sisters settled with their dad. She runs into Will and realizes that she's not even close to being over him. And he's not over her either. Problem is, a lot can happen in seven years. 

One thing I'll say for Lexi Ryan - she really knows how to write stories with lots of intensity in them. Both books that I've read of hers tackled some pretty hefty issues. The characters have had to overcome some serious problems. And the relationships have been crazy powerful. There's not a lot of comic relief or breaks in the feels. It starts and ends with them. 

That's not to say this is a bad thing. The writing is really good. I love Lexi Ryan's style. And the pacing is just right. There aren't any lulls in the action that would cause me to want to skip ahead or skim. In fact, I think it's because of all the feels that I was so engaged. I was able to connect with both William and Cally right off the bat and I got into the story quickly because I knew their HEA was going to come eventually, and I wanted to see it happen.   

Wish I May is told from both William's and Cally's POVs. The steam was off the charts for a new adult book. But, more than that, I loved the connection and the chemistry between William and Cally. Their interactions were suffused with tension and history and love - it's everything you need or want in a contemporary romance book. 

The side characters are equally compelling. Cally's sisters are complete opposites - one is sweet and kind and the other is a bitchy teenager. I felt lots of things for her, let me tell you. Then, there are the twins Lizzy and Hanna from Unbreak Me. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next New Hope book will be about one of them (my money's on Hanna). And yes, we also see how Maggie and Asher are doing. Wish I May was a fantastic addition to my new adult library. 

About the Author

Lexi Ryan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, writes romances with humor, heat, and heart. A former college English professor, Lexi now writes full time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two children. Please visit www.lexiryan.com

Learn more about Lexi Ryan -->  Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads


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