February 1, 2013

And, the WINNER is....

My first blogoversary giveaway is over, and the winner of a January 2013 new release is...

Crystal Y. 

Congratulations, Crystal! And, thanks to all of you for all the love over the past month. I love getting comments, and I've been getting so many more of them recently. I've hooked up with a few blog tour groups and am now signed up to participate in several tours over the next six weeks or so.

Things you can look forward to in the next few months include a bunch of new giveaways, a new blog design and some exciting new ARC reviews!

I have to tell you, this blogging gig is so awesome!! I love to read and I love to write, and it's like the best way to do both and meet a bunch of cool people in the process.

So, thanks again, and stay tuned for a lot more fun!

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