September 7, 2016

REVIEW: Loving You Easy (Loving on the Edge #9)

Loving You Easy (Loving on the Edge #9), by Roni Loren
Publish Date:
September 6, 2016
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: ARC, provided by the publisher
Genre: adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5 STARS

(Synopsis) IT specialist Cora Benning has figured out the key to her formerly disastrous love life—make it virtual. In the online world of Hayven, she’s free of her geek girl image and can indulge her most private fantasies with a sexy, mysterious master without anyone in her life discovering her secrets. Until her information is hacked and she finds herself working to fix the breach under two very powerful men—one who seems all too familiar... 

Best friends and business partners Ren Muroya and Hayes Fox were once revered dominants. Then Hayes was wrongfully sent to prison and everything changed. Ren wants to get back to who they were. Hayes can’t risk it. But when they discover the new IT specialist is their online fascination, and that she’s never felt a dominant’s touch, the temptation to turn virtual into reality becomes all too great…

Usually when I get ARCs way far in advance of the publish date, I try to hold off on reading them for awhile so that the story is fresher in my mind when the book hits stands and everyone is talking about it. When my ARC of Loving You Easy arrived on my doorstep the first week of June, I ripped into it immediately. I mean, it's RONI LOREN. And it's her LOVING ON THE EDGE SERIES. On top of all that, when I read the description and learned it was another m/m/f, well, there was no way anyone was keeping me from reading it right away. And, Loving on the Edge did not disappoint. 

This book married my love of all the nerdy things with my love of all the sexy things. Shy IT girl Cora is only comfortable getting her freak on in an online virtual hookup platform. That is, until she's hired by Ren and Hayes - the owners of the game - to try and find a hacker who is causing problems for the members. When this insecure gamer girl who lives in Docs, Chucks and comfy tees (can I just say THANK YOU to Roni Loren for making this wonderful heroine a normal, every day girl and not a statuesque beauty with doe eyes and perfect boobs) meets broody, intense Hayes and playful, sweet Ren, her world is rocked.

Ren and Hayes are BFFs who have been running their company for awhile now. But, the company hit a bump in the road when Hayes had to spend some time in prison. He's out now, but living his life far more carefully than he used to And, it's driving Ren nuts. He wants Hayes unleashed, and the best way to make that happen is to take the brakes off their friendship. 

Okay. So, Ren and Hayes are both Doms. Ren is also Asian. I just can't stop picturing that. And wanting more of that. A LOT more. And can you imagine when these two Doms get together? Yeah. It really is THAT good. For days after finishing this book, I was in double dominant overdrive. It was a wonderful thing.

These two Doms' attention on each other is ridiculously hot, but when they collectively use their talents on poor sheltered subbie Cora - whooooooooah. In true Roni Loren fashion, Loving You Easy is super sexy and pushes all my buttons. But, it really made me swoon hard too. Because Doms are also very protective. And when Cora starts unraveling the mystery of Hayven's hacker, it makes things more dangerous for all three of them. 

There aren't a ton of other characters from the Loving on the Edge world in Loving You Easy, so if haven't yet experienced all the awesome, go ahead and start with this one. But, be forewarned - you will want to go back and read them all. Trust me on this one. 

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