September 14, 2016


Lauren Blakely has added another star to her rom com lineup. Check out my review of WELL HUNG and an excerpt from the book!

Well Hung, by Lauren Blakely
Publish Date:
September 12, 2016
Publisher: self-published
Format: ARC, provided by the author and Inkslinger PR
Genre: adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5 STARS

(Synopsis) Here’s what you need to know about me — I’m well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Women like a guy who makes them laugh—and I don’t mean at the size of his d*ck. No, they want their funny with a side of huge… not to mention loyal. I’ve got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business. Yup. I know how to use all my tools.

Enter Natalie. Hot, sexy, smart, and my new assistant. Which makes her totally off limits... 

Hey, I’m a good guy. Really. I do my best to stay far away from the kind of temptation she brings to work.

Until one night in Vegas… 

Yeah, you’ve heard this one before. Bad news on the business front, drowning our sorrows in a few too many Harvey Wallbangers, and then I’m banging her. In my hotel room. In her hotel room. Behind the Titanic slot machine at the Flamingo (don’t ask). And before I can make her say “Oh God right there YES!” one more time, we’re both saying yes—the big yes—at a roadside chapel in front of a guy in press-on sideburns and a shiny gold leisure suit. 

But it turns out what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. And now, my dick doesn’t stay in my pants when she’s around. I try to resist. Honest. But the more we try to keep our hands to ourselves, the more we end up naked again, and the more time I want to spend with her fully clothed, too.

The question now is…do I take this woman to be my ex-wife?

Never have I ever enjoyed a series as much as I have this one. The men are yummy. The stories are romantic. The laughs are plentiful. 

Wyatt Hammer is the owner and proprietor of WH Carpentry & Construction. And he is determined NOT to bang his assistant Natalie. She's the first one he's had that is awesome at her job. She makes his business run better. And he knows that if he sleeps with her, it will just mess everything up. So, instead he marries her. It was totally unintentional. A job scout in Vegas, a little too much alcohol, and finally giving in to the crazy sexual tension lead to getting married by Elvis. 

All too soon, Natalie and Wyatt return to their lives having to deal with this new reality. Their easiness and camaraderie are gone. The sexual tension is no longer able to be ignored. And, *gasp*, FEELINGS come into play. And suddenly, the divorce they both were clamoring for, might not be the thing they thought they wanted. 

Wyatt is all that and a bag of doughnuts. The one thing I've learned from this series is that the descriptions always make the guys sound like self-involved narcissistic pricks. But in every case, they have been the absolute best guys ever. Wyatt might enjoy women and eschew commitment, but he is seriously the sweetest man. He's considerate and protective and So. Much. Fun. And, just like with Simon and Nick before him, his commitment issues were really all wrapped up in the fact that they just hadn't met the one woman to change things around for them. And now, Wyatt has met his match. 

My favorite thing about Well Hung (well, besides the hot sex, fun Vegas setting and the reappearance of previous couples) is the fact that it's entirely narrated by Wyatt. I love dual narration books because they give us a glimpse inside the guy's head. So, this is even better. We're there for the whole book, and those moments at the end when Wyatt realizes what he REALLY wants are the absolute best. 

I promise you will laugh a lot. You will also do a fair bit of swooning. It's the perfect combination of goofiness, sweetness, and sexiness. You're going to love it. 

Let’s back up.

How did we get from not kissing to kissing? What was that turning point? Did she lean into me? Did I move closer to her? Details matter. I’ll gladly share them.

Start with six months of sexual tension. Add in two mojitos for her, two beers for me, and a couple vodka tonics. Stir that with some bad news on the business front, and top it with the cherry of Natalie’s hit-me-over-the-head-with-a-stick comment that left no question as to what she wanted…and here I am.

We don’t lean into each other. There’s no inch-by-slow-sensual-inch pull. It’s not a slow burn.

It’s a fiery crash. We’re two cars speeding on the highway of this night, and we slam into each other, crawl across the hoods, and kiss like crazy.

Nothing is tentative about this. We go from not kissing to kissing in less than sixty nanoseconds. Yeah, I don’t really know what a nanosecond is, either. But it happens in no time.

And now my hand is in her hair, yanking her close as we crush our lips together. We kiss hard and rough, fueled by pent-up desire and more than enough vodka and rum to make this inevitable.

Her teeth scrape me, and I growl, loving her roughness. I suck hard on her bottom lip, and I’m rewarded by nearly the same sound from her. She’s like a tiger, and together we’re animals.

I grip her head tighter, and her hands are all over me—in my hair, then down my chest, then along my arms. We kiss so deeply, it’s like we’re trying to climb each other.

At some point, she breaks off, breathes out hard, then whispers in my ear, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“Not as long as I have. Now get those lips back on mine,” I tell her, and she complies.

My hands cup her cheeks, but I’m not gentle, and she doesn’t want me that way. She’s not a gentle girl. She’s badass and tough, and she wants what I want. I hold her face tightly in my hands, and she practically crawls into my lap in a rush to get closer, then closer still as she presses her tits against my chest.

I’m seated on a stool at the bar, and we are putting on some kind of show. But I don’t care.

My tongue searches and hunts, wanting to taste every corner of her mouth, savoring the vodka and the tonic and, most of all, the Natalie. She whimpers and moans, and I swallow every sexy sound she makes.

This stool is ours. This bar is ours. The night belongs to this kiss, because it’s not a starter kiss. It contains all the clues necessary to assemble the puzzle of where this night will end.

With unwavering certainty, I know what kind of kiss this is.

As I explore her mouth, and she claims mine with equal urgency, I know that I will be fucking Natalie tonight.

Since self-publishing her debut romance novel CAUGHT UP IN US three years ago, Lauren Blakely has sold more than 1 million books. She is known for her sexy contemporary romance style that's full of heat, heart and humor. A devout fan of cake and canines, Lauren has plotted entire novels while walking her four-legged friends. She lives in California with her family. With ten New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than fifty times. Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire as well as standalone romantic comedies like BIG ROCK and MISTER O, which were both instant New York Times Bestsellers. In the fall she'll release WELL HUNG, another romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter,!

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