January 23, 2018

RE-RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Siren in the City (Texas Sirens #2)

Siren in the City (Texas Sirens #2), by Lexi Ryan
Publish Date:
January 23, 2018
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Format: e-ARC, provided by the author and Inkslinger PR
Genre: adult erotic romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5 STARS

(Synopsis) Jack and Sam married Abby. It was supposed to be for forever, but lately Abby wonders where her alpha male has gone. Jack has retreated and life has become decidedly vanilla. It isn't the true marriage she and Sam wanted. Sam and Abby know the time has come to fight for what they need. A call from his mentor forces Jack to revisit the club where he discovered his sexuality. Jack's half-brother is in the city and interested in a little blackmail. Can Jack handle two defiant subs and a brother in need of some tough love?

Sometimes all it takes to find the way home is a little love and a lot of mischief.

Lexi Blake continues with her Sophie Oak re-dos with the second book in her Texas Sirens series, Siren in the City. It's a continuation of the story we saw begin in book 1 in this series, and although this triad saw a happy-for-now end to Small Town Siren, it was clear that there was more story to tell - especially when it came to Sam and Jack. Any dissatisfaction or longing for more that you might have felt at the end of book 1 is most definitely taken care of it Siren in the City. I liked this one better than the first.

The events at the end of book 1 have affected Jack more than he is letting on to Abby and Sam. As a result, he's taken a much softer, more hands-off approach with them, and that is definitely not what they signed up for. They miss their domineering Master and want him back, so they go to extreme lengths to force his hand. And force it they do. The result is nothing short of explosive and so incredibly satisfying. 

I absolutely loved this sequel to Abby, Jack and Sam's story, not just because of the perfect conclusion to their getting together, but also because we are introduced to new characters that I just know will have starring roles in their own books later in the series. In book 1, BDSM club owner Julian Lodge is mentioned, but we get to spend a significant amount of time with him in book 2, and I am utterly fascinated by this man. He is the main character in book 3 of the Texas Sirens series, so be prepared to want to keep right on reading as soon as you're done with Siren in the City. 

The other new character we are introduced to is Jack's half brother Lucas Cameron. Despite the front he puts up at the beginning, from the moment he came on the scene, I loved this kid. It was clear there was so much more to him than all his blustering at first. I'm a sucker for a broken soul who needs love, and Lucas most definitely fits the bill. Come to think of it - so does Julian. 

Lexi Blake brings her signature sexual fire to this triad, and since 95% of this book takes place in Julian's BDSM club (named The Club), it's even hotter and better than before. And, it wouldn't be complete without a murder plot and some hateful villains, so you get those too. But, there's so much love in this book too. Since Jack, Abby and Sam start out already in love, there's no wooing necessary. This is a book about self-discovery and settling into the roles that make this triad work perfectly and happily. I loved that so much. 

And since Lexi is starting to work these stories into the Masters & Mercenaries world, I thoroughly enjoyed when those familiar characters showed up and stole the show. Ian, Adam and Jake make appearances, and through their dialog, you're able to set a handle on the timeline and how Siren in the City fits into things. But, the absolute best thing is literally watching Sanctum be born right in front of your eyes - in a sense. If you're already a fan of Lexi's Masters & Mercenaries series, this book is an absolute must-read, if only because of that. 

I am completely and totally sold on this series and this world. I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time in it, and can't wait to see what other little M&M nuggets Lexi will plant for us to find. 

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